Hey Sony, how about a Vita price cut for the rest of the world?

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Dropping the price of the PlayStation Vita is something Sony likely didn’t want to do, but its consistently poor sales forced Sony’s hand. Today, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan held a streaming presentation where it revealed the Vita is getting a decent price drop in Japan. Starting February 28, the Wi-Fi and 3G+Wi-Fi Vitas will cost ¥19,908. That amount roughly translates to $215. Now all we need is a price cut for regions outside of Japan.

SCEA or any of the other Sony Computer Entertainment divisions haven’t announced similar price cuts for their respectable regions yet. It’s our hope a worldwide price cut will happen soon. According to a recent Wall Street Journal interview with Sony CEO Kaz Hirai, Vita sales are, “on the low end of what we expected.” Hirai also compared the start of the Vita to the early days of the PS3 where sales were low and software were lacking.

The PS3 eventually turned things around, but it took price cuts and popular exclusive games to do so. The Vita is lacking both of these requirements at this time. The launch titles were nothing to scoff at, but things have been relatively quiet since then. Even though the Vita has its fair share of gems, lack of marketing and TLC from Sony is seriously hurting the Vita in the short term.

Sony is holding a PlayStation event on February 20 where it’s expected to announce the PlayStation 4. There could be a sprinkling of Vita news during the conference as well. Whatever Sony is planning on doing, now is the time to act.

Source [PlayStation] (Japanese)

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  • Jenni Lada

    Perhaps we’ll hear about one during the Feb. 20th presentation.