Vanquish slides into the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection

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The North American PlayStation Store update for tomorrow is going to bring a few treats for PlayStation Plus members. As the headline points out, Vanquish is the newest game that will be added to the ever-growing Instant Game Collection. Vanquish is a very well-received third-person action game from Platinum Games. It was one of the hidden jewels of 2010. If you’re not a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can pick up a used PS3 copy of Vanquish from Best Buy for $4.99 with in-store pickup. 

PS Plus members will also get Mega Man Maverick Hunter X which is compatible with the PSP and the Vita. That comes to around $30 in savings right there. But there’s still more. The Dust 514 Starter Pack will also be given away free of charge. The Starter Pack usually sells for $9.99. With that, the grand total of savings comes to about $40 this week in free games and content. A yearly membership for PlayStation Plus is $50. Do you see why this is so much better than Xbox Live Gold?

There are also a couple discounts to go along with the free games. Urban Trial Freestyle will be $11.99 for PS3 and $7.99 for Vita. Sadly, cross-buy isn’t an option with this game.

Overall I’d say this is a good week to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

Source [PlayStation Blog]

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