Amazon Gold Box deals are all about the games today

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Amazon has a flurry of gaming-related Gold Box and lightning deals in store for us today. One of the more tempting offerings is the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions Dead Space 3 for $39.99. That deal will persist throughout the day. The lightning deals are only available for a limited time. There will be a new lightning deal every 1-2 hours until 9pm PST. 

Amazon usually keeps us guessing about what the lightning deals will be by giving out hints. This time, CAG managed to get the full list of lightning deals ahead of time. You can scroll through the list below and decide whether you want to purchase one of these items when the deal goes live.

I’m not seeing anything particularly mind-blowing this time around. Most of the games besides Dead Space 3 weren’t exactly hot commodities when they launched. The prices in general for these lightning deals aren’t as low I would have liked either. Still, the prices are lower than most competitors.

  • 7am – Battlefield 3: Premium Edition – $39.99
  • 9am – StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty – $17.99
  • 11am – PS3 New Owner’s Kit – $34.99
  • 1pm – Just Dance: Disney Party $14.99
  • 3pm – Poptropica – $12.99
  • 4pm – Hitman Absolution: Professional Edition – $35.99
  • 6pm – PDP Disney Epic Mickey 2 Oswald’s Clicker controller – $14.99
  • 7pm – Resident Evil 6 Archives – $39.99
  • 9pm – Madcatz Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel – $119.99

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