Natsume transforms Fantasy Chronicle into Mystic Chronicles

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mystic chronicles
The PSP is dead? Perish the thought! Natsume’s just announced Mystic Chronicles for it, so the handheld can’t possibly be in trouble. In fact, it’s almost receiving games at the same rate as the Vita!

Okay, that was a terrible attempt at a joke. Especially since I love my Vita and would very much like to see a turn around. Besides, the Vita’s the whole reason we’re seeing more PSP games appearing on the PlayStation Store, as companies take advantage of the whole backward compatibility thing. But let’s get back on topic. Natsume’s picked up the PSP game Mystic Chronicles and it should look familiar. I’ll give you a hint – it’s developed by Kemco, a company that has been very active on certain platforms lately.

That’s right, Mystic Chronicles is a port of a smartphone game! You may know it better as Fantasy Chronicle. That’s what Kemco called it when it brought it to iOS devices. It’s a “save the world” game where a boy named Lux, who works for the Guardians Guild to protect his home. Except when he’s on a mission, his hometown is destroyed and he teams up with other people and Guardian Beasts to ensure no one else goes through what he experienced. The PSP version is slightly larger than the original, as it includes an extra storyline. It will also feature a remastered localization, so all awkward Engrish should be gone.

Fantasy Chronicle, the iOS version of Mystic Chronicles, is immediately available on iTunes in case you don’t want to wait for Natsume’s big reveal. You can pop on over, grab the game for $6.99 and start playing immediately.

Of course, the ability to immediately access an iOS version of the game leaves us with a very important question. In Japan, Kemco was selling the iOS and PSP version of Mystic Chronicles for the same price. Will Natsume do the same? It seems like it’d be smart to sell the it on the PlayStation Store when it’s released this summer for $6.99. Natsume hasn’t said anything about the cost yet, so we’ll have to wait and hope it’s reasonable. If it is, I know I’d rather play Mystic Chronicles on my PSP, rather than deal with it on a smartphone.

Source [Siliconera]

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    If it’s priced at that or below I’ll probably be picking it up.
    If it’s over $10 or even ridiculously at $30-40 like so many do, I’ll forget it exists.
    These publishers who bring over obscure PSP games this late and charge ridiculous amounts are living in dream land if they think we’ll pay that.
    No PSP games should be over $15 at this point.