Bioshock Infinite will definitely ship on March 26, new trailer released

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After five years of delays and patient waiting from their fans, Irrational Games have finalized Bioshock Infinite‘s release date. It will definitely be released March 26, 2013. Irrational Games finally got its game certified by Microsoft and Sony, and will ship on the promised release date without any more delays. I said before that Irrational’s recent media blitz promoting BioShock Infinite was a sign that March 26 would be the final release date, and I’m glad I don’t have to wait more than a month for the game to be released.

It’s not uncommon for developers to announce delays, especially with ambitious games such as Bioshock Infinite, but when a developer says that a game will be absolutely, positively released on the date that it has set, well, that’s can be a little more rare. However, after waiting five years since the initial announcement, an definite reassurance from the developers is a nice change of pace.

As if to ring in the announcement of the final release date, Irrational games have also released their new “Lamb of Columbia” trailer, which bares a resemblance to its previous “City in the sky” trailer, but instead of focusing on the city, it focuses on Elizabeth. Let’s watch.

While the “City in the sky” trailer contained footage that we’ve seen in previous games, “Lamb of Columbia” reveals a few new locations, such as what looks to be Elizabeth’s “cage” as well as one spine tingling scene of Elizabeth standing in front of what seems to be a cornfield in the midst of a hurricane. It seems that Elizabeth has the potential to do more than just rip a few tears in reality. Perhaps Booker really does have something to be afraid of. We’ll find out when we see Bioshock Infinite next month.

Source [Irrational Games]

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