2K Sports brings back MLB 2K/NBA 2K combo pack

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Pro sports is full of great combinations. Joe Montana’s perfect passing and Jerry Rice’s brilliant route running were an incredible match. Manny Pacquiao throws two left hands while sneaking behind an opponent’s front leg. 2K Sports has combined its bestselling NBA 2K games in a combo pack with MLB 2K the past couple of years. MLB 2K13 and NBA 2K13 will be available in a combo for $79.99 March 5. The games retail for $59.99 separately, although you can find pre-owned or discounted copies of NBA 2K13 for less. Still, if you’re going to purchase both games anyway, $80 isn’t a bad price tag.

The two franchises have headed opposite ways in recent years. NBA 2K has become so dominant competitor EA Sports has nearly dropped out of the running. MLB 2K has struggled the past few seasons, but 2K Sports has done an excellent job of marketing the game. It has offered a $1 million prize in an annual contest. The Perfect Game Challenge will return in 2013 with different rules. This time, the highest scored perfect game with each major league team will earn a $25,000 prize. The top four scorers overall will travel to New York for an All-Star Weekend tournament, with the winner of that earning $250,000.

2K Sports has proven itself an expert at promoting the games. The decision to bring Michael Jordan and his brand recognition back into an NBA game was awesome. Its baseball titles haven’t been great, but the Perfect Game Challenge has given us a reason to pick them up. This combo pack is another example. Baseball buffs who were already going to buy the game can chip in another $20 and get one of the best sports games on the market. Basketball fans can pick up NBA 2K13, MLB 2K13 and try the Perfect Game Challenge. Gamers tend to be a competitive bunch. I can pitch better than that guy! Give me a controller!

I would love to see more publishers do this. I don’t follow soccer or NASCAR racing that closely. But give me two of those games for a combo price (especially if one has gotten great reviews) and I’d give them a try.

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