PlayStation Cloud may debut today

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Sony’s PlayStation event starts today at 6pm EST. We all expecting to see the PlayStation 4 and learn about all the new features it will bring. It has been rumored that PS3 game streaming will be a part of the system. Since it’s likely Sony won’t call its cloud gaming service Gaikai, another name has to be chosen. Thanks to some domain registrations discovered by superannuation, Sony may have settled on PlayStation Cloud.

Three separate domains were registered using different variations of PlayStation Cloud on February 15., and now belong to Sony. Not only were the domains created within seconds of each other, the administer organization is labeled as Gaikai Inc. Sony purchased Gaikai in 2012.

It’s getting increasingly likely Sony’s cloud service is ready to take center stage. Should it be announced, Sony will be the first console maker to embrace cloud gaming. It’ll also be the only console maker to show an interest in cloud gaming that goes beyond casual comments from executives.

The only concern I have is whether Sony is going to charge a premium for PlayStation Cloud. It’s rumored Sony is going to require customers to pay for access to certain aspects of a new service called PlayStation World. PlayStation Cloud could be a premium service since many people don’t have the internet upload speeds to effectively utilize it.

Follow along with all the announcements later today, and check out our PlayStation event Bingo card to see how right the rumors are.

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