2013 PlayStation Event PS4 bingo results: We (kinda) won!

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ps4 bingo card results
Okay everyone, Sony’s big PS4 2013 PlayStation Event is over, which mean’s it’s time to look at our bingo cards and see if we won. If we get technical and liberal with interpretations of certain things, we can celebrate a kinda-sorta win. I mean, we were so close to a “bingo” that we may as well fudge the one troublesome square to make it work.

Here’s what was announced for sure. The PS4 was announced, which was the big one. Gaikai is going to provide cloud gaming, which is how people will eventually be able to play PS3 games on the PS4. So while it still seems like no direct backwards compatibility with PS3 games, the eventual backwards compatibility with PS1, PS2 and PS3 games through the cloud is close enough. Gaikai will also handle the PS4 live-streaming technology, which will allow multicasting through uStream and people to upload gameplay footage online. Facebook will work with that broadcasting as well, bringing in enhanced social networking support.

The DualShock 4 does have a touch screen on it. We already knew that was coming, but it was nice to see it really happen. It will also have motion controls and a light-bar. That isn’t why I put the tentative yellow circle around PlayStation Move 2.0 though. That’s because Media Molecule was saying it would make the Move work with the PS4 and make it more worthwhile.

The PlayStation Store App is debateable. Sony did say it will be bringing a PlayStation Network app to smartphones, tablets and the Vita. However, when it was described during the presentation, it seemed to apply more towards social function. However, it’s close so I’m adding that to our list of “wins”.

The Vita also seems to be connected enough to the PS4 to qualify for the “controller” box. Remote-play will be enhanced, allowing the Vita to supposedly remote-play any PS4 game. That’s close enough and so it works.

Now, for the square that “kinda” gives us a bingo. Guerilla Games announced Killzone: Shadowfall. However, we put Killzone 4 on our PS4 bingo card. Since it’s the only block keeping us away from a win, I say we just go ahead and take that box. The fact that a brand new Killzone game came up at all is more than enough to merit our taking of that square and screaming out “Bingo” as loud as we can. After all, Sony didn’t even give us a price or picture of the console. We deserve this win.

Finally, the last box is the launch window. It didn’t come up until the very last moments of the conference, so I decided to save it for last here. Sony did confirm a Holiday 2013 release window for the PS4, so expect to see it in a store near you then.

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