WWE 2K14 releases this fall from Take-Two Interactive

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WWE 2K14Take-Two was recently confirmed as being the new publisher for future WWE games after acquiring the license from THQ. Today, ESPN is reporting the first WWE game to come out of Take-Two will be called WWE 2K14. It will be released this fall on unannounced platforms.

Take-Two signed on to publish WWE game for the next five years. Yukes will return as the developer on WWE 2K14, but Take-Two is also bringing in the THQ Fight Team who worked on WWE games in the past. They will all work alongside Visual Concepts to make sure WWE 2K14 makes its release date.

Take-Two has found immense success with the NBA 2K franchise. It got the attention of many sports gamers when it released NBA 2K12 due to its focus on legendary players. Players were able to play as NBA icons such as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas, Bill Russell and others while they were in their prime.

If WWE 13 hadn’t focused on the Attitude era of WWE, Take-Two would have had an excellent marketing strategy. Now it must come up with something truly unique to put its stamp on the franchise. Perhaps it could build upon the customizable story mode from WWE 13. Players could create their own robust storylines and possibly even share those stories online with other players. Not only does that add a lot of replay value, but it also lets players flex their creativity muscles.

Source [ESPN]

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