Sony introduces the PS4 at the 2013 PlayStation Meeting (update 2)

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The PS4 is for real. Sony just announced the PlayStation 4 during its February 20, 2013 PlayStation Meeting. Of course, if you’re following GamerTell’s live-blog of the event or watching it at the official website you already know that. Still, it’s at an awkward time for people in the Central and Pacific time zones, so we’re naturally providing coverage of the most important tidbits from the event here.

Lead system architect on PS4 is Mark Cerny stepped up to discuss the PS4 and do many announcements. Which is fitting, since he’s been working on it for five years. He showed off the DualShock 4 controller with touch screens, build-in motion controls and a headphone jack built into it. Cerny also revealed Knack, a new PS4 game about a little robot with gumption that helps humans fight goblins. Guerilla Games showed footage of Killzone: Shadowfall as well. DriveClub will bring team-based racing to the PS4, for people who need a racing fix. Plus, Sucker Punch is bringing us inFamous: Second Son! Indies will be represented on the console as well, with Jonathan Blow’s The Witness. So we have quite a few new games so far announced for the PS4. This is in addition to Gaikai hopefully enabling backwards compatibility so people can eventually play PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS mobile games. Plus, the PS4 will work with the PS Vita for remote-play, with the PS4 working as the server and the Vita working as the client.

Third party developers and publishers have committed to the PlayStation 3 as well. Here’s a screenshot of all the companies that will be supporting the PS4.
Capcom has already confirmed it will have a new IP called Deep Down on the PS4, while Square Enix showed the Agni’s Philosophy tech demo again. Not to mention Ubisoft brought up Watchdogs again. The really big, third party announcement is Blizzard bringing Diablo III to both the PS3 and PS4. Another surprise is that Bungie’s Destiny will be released simultaneously on both the PS3 and PS4.

Online aspects were mentioned as well. The PS4 will video compression and decompression technology that will allow you to upload video of your game while you’re playing. Also, a PS4 will allow you to start playing a new game while it’s downloading, which is pretty awesome. The friends There will be special PS4 apps for the Vita and tablets that will let people access the PlayStation Network from anywhere to connect with people. Not to mention Gaikai CEO Dave Perry came on stage to say people can test all PlayStation Store games with streaming, cloud gaming and buy it if you like it. Friends watching you play online can take over your game if you’re dying to help you succeed or alter the game to help you win. Also, the streaming game element will work with uStream for multicasting.

I’m concerned about the price of system and the money I’d inevitably end up spending on more games, especially since I’m hoping to pick up a used Wii U this year and the PS4 will come out sometime during the 2013 holiday shopping season. I did like the sound of inFamous: Second Sons and Deep Down though, and the Vita remote-play aspects are a big bonus too.

However, I am shocked that we didn’t see an image of the PS4, get a concrete launch date or hear a price. Holiday 2013 is nice, but still. Come on Sony! You can’t have us sit through two hours of hype and not give us those concrete details! I know you want to save something for E3 2013, but you shouldn’t make us wait for that kind of crucial information.

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