Live Blog: Sony’s 2013 PlayStation event

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The wait is over folks. Sony is set to thrill or horribly disappoint all of us. This is the event where we’re expecting to see the PlayStation 4, cloud gaming and maybe even a Vita price drop. Follow along with us in our live blog for all the information the moment it happens. Also, pop open another tab and check out our PlayStation event Bingo card and see just how accurate the rumors are. Alright then, let’s get this thing started!

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at 8:12 Jenni Lada said:
Maybe this is why Sony sent some PSN users $10 earlier today. Here's $10 - don't ask when the PS4 will be out, how much it will cost or what it will look like.
at 8:09 Jenni Lada said:
This makes no sense. Ok. Fine. Don't announce a price. Don't announce a release window. But at the very least, SHOW us the SYSTEM.
at 8:06 Jenni Lada said:
[insert nerd rage fits]
at 8:05 Brian Allen said:
Brian clutches his Kratos plushie and weeps..
at 8:04 Jeremy Hill said:
Thanks for tuning in everyone. We'll see you at Sony's funeral very soon after the public murders them.
at 8:04 Jenni Lada said:
SERIOUSLY? You're not going to announce a launch date or price?
at 8:03 Jeremy Hill said:
Oh boy. Sony is going to get railed.
at 8:03 Brian Allen said:
Bungie making games for PS4! Dogs and cats living together!
at 8:03 Jeremy Hill said:
Sounds like we won't get a price or see the PS4.
at 8:02 Jeremy Hill said:
Exclusive content is coming to the PS3 and PS4 versions of Destiny.
at 8:01 Jeremy Hill said:
"[Destiny] is a perfect fit for the PlayStation 4."
at 8:01 Brian Allen said:
A "shared world" shooter? Interesting.
at 8:00 Jeremy Hill said:
at 7:59 Jeremy Hill said:
Destiny footage wasn't shown during the press event last week. Maybe we'll get more today.
at 7:59 Jenni Lada said:
Bungie's Destiny on the PS4? Yes, that sounds nice.
at 7:58 Jeremy Hill said:
Bungie's Destiny is coming to the PS4 as well.
at 7:58 Jenni Lada said:
Oh. It's Activision. So I guess this means we'll either hear about a Call of Duty game or Skylanders SWAP Force?
at 7:57 Jeremy Hill said:
Multiple blockbuster titles are coming to the PS4 from Activision during its launch window.
at 7:57 Jeremy Hill said:
Eric Hirshberg of Activision is on stage now.
at 7:56 Jenni Lada said:
I mean, isn't Diablo III always-online for PC users?
at 7:55 Brian Allen said:
Was hoping for a new IP here.  
at 7:55 Jeremy Hill said:
More footage is coming at PAX East in a few months.
at 7:55 Jeremy Hill said:
There's four-player split-screen co-op.
at 7:55 Jeremy Hill said:
"Diablo 3 has never been easier to play."
at 7:55 Jenni Lada said:
I'm excited about Diablo III on the PS3 and PS4, but worried about DRM...
at 7:54 Jeremy Hill said:
It's also coming to the PS3.
at 7:54 Jeremy Hill said:
Blizzard is bringing Diablo 3 to PS4.
at 7:53 Jeremy Hill said:
"Console game development is in our blood."
at 7:52 Jeremy Hill said:
at 7:52 Jeremy Hill said:
Chris Metzen from Blizzard is on stage now.
at 7:51 Brian Allen said:
So exclusives so far: The Witness, Killzone Shadow Fall and something with PlayStation Move that involves sculpting.
at 7:51 Jeremy Hill said:
"Everything is Connected, Connected is Power" is the tagline of Watch Dogs.
at 7:50 Jeremy Hill said:
He now hacked a train and forced it to stop.
at 7:50 Jeremy Hill said:
You'll be able to slow down time and take precise shots to get the advantage on your foes.
at 7:49 Jeremy Hill said:
They're running through an alley like in Sleeping Dogs. The suspect is tackled while the main character makes a run from the cops.
at 7:49 Jeremy Hill said:
He now draws a weapon and is watching an argument between a man and a woman. He intervenes and is chasing the man.
at 7:48 Jeremy Hill said:
He just hacked someone's bank account and hacked an ATM as well.
at 7:47 Jeremy Hill said:
icons appear over people's heads and your character can hack into them and learn about their lives.
at 7:47 Jeremy Hill said:
The lead character is walking down a street in Chicago very casually. This is actual gameplay footage.
at 7:46 Jeremy Hill said:
This demo will show us the open world of Watch Dogs. A game where you can hack into people's lives.
at 7:45 Jeremy Hill said:
"Everyone is connected."
at 7:45 Jeremy Hill said:
at 7:44 Jeremy Hill said:
We're going to see something about Watch Dogs right now.
at 7:44 Jenni Lada said:
This presentation better not go past 7pm. [insert fist shaking]
at 7:43 Jeremy Hill said:
at 7:42 Jenni Lada said:
Well. That was anticlimactic. He just came on stage to say they're working on a new Final Fantasy title.
at 7:42 Brian Allen said:
Ah, but now you know it's going to be on PS4!
at 7:42 Jeremy Hill said:
at 7:41 Jenni Lada said:
Shinji Hashimoto Final Fantasy Brand Director is on stage.
at 7:39 Jeremy Hill said:
at 7:39 Jenni Lada said:
Come on Square Enix! Our memories aren't THAT short! I saw this exact same demo/preview run three times while I was waiting for the E3 2012 Tomb Raider meeting that fell through because too many people wanted to see it. Shenanigans!
at 7:37 Brian Allen said:
This may be the RPG Jenni was hoping for.  
at 7:37 Jenni Lada said:
Wait a minute... this just looks like Agni's Philosophy again! I saw this at E3 2012 already. :P
at 7:36 Jenni Lada said:
Aw. We're seeing a real-time, cinematic demo using Luminous Studio. Perhaps they were afraid of the riot that would stem from a PS4 Final Fantasy Versus XIII announcement?
at 7:36 Jeremy Hill said:
at 7:35 Jenni Lada said:
Yoshihisa Hashimoto from Square Enix is on stage.
at 7:35 Jeremy Hill said:
Knowing Capcom, we'll have to buy the game and the engine separately.
at 7:35 Jenni Lada said:
Final Fantasy VII remake or Agni's Prophesy full gane next! I'm calling it!
at 7:34 Brian Allen said:
Dragon's Dogma had fun combat, so I would be happy to see them build on that.
at 7:34 Jenni Lada said:
Deep Down is the new game. There was a message from Blanka at the end of the trailer, which is kinda weird.
at 7:34 Jeremy Hill said:
at 7:32 Jenni Lada said:
A new IP will use this engine. It looks like a medieval fantasy game. I say it looks similar to Dragon's Dogma. The trailer is running now.
at 7:31 Jenni Lada said:
Capcom will have a new PS4 engine. It's codename is Panta Rhei
at 7:31 Jeremy Hill said:
at 7:30 Brian Allen said:
They mentioned Onimusha! Can we get a new one?
at 7:29 Brian Allen said:
I am down with more Monster Hunter.
at 7:28 Jenni Lada said:
I'm calling it now - a Monster Hunter game will be announced.
at 7:28 Jeremy Hill said:
at 7:28 Jenni Lada said:
Virtually every major 3rd party partner will support the PS4. Yoshinori Ono from Capcom is on stage now.
at 7:27 Jeremy Hill said:
Here are the companies on board with the PS4.
at 7:27 Brian Allen said:
Yes, new titles! Thank you please!
at 7:26 Brian Allen said:
From Sony's Twitter feed, they are aware some people are having problems with the stream. You'll be able to watch the whole thing after the event's conclusion.
at 7:26 Jenni Lada said:
Yeah. This virtual rock concert isn't making me like the Move more.
at 7:25 Brian Allen said:
Sony is fiercely to the Move, I'll give them that.
at 7:25 Jeremy Hill said:
at 7:25 Jenni Lada said:
I wholeheartedly support the Tyranny of the Polygon meme.
at 7:24 Jeremy Hill said:
at 7:23 Jenni Lada said:
Hm. Move 3D sculpting. If it's free, I'll give it a try.
at 7:22 Jenni Lada said:
So, Media Molecule is gonna work with the Move to make the Move 2.0? I don't know if even Media Molecule can make me love it...
at 7:22 Brian Allen said:
I'm calling it now - Tyranny of the Polygon becomes a meme.
at 7:21 Jenni Lada said:
Media Molecule wants to help us record our dreams? I don't know if this is a good idea. Last dream I had, I was facing alien, human-sized poodles and helping them adapt to life on Earth.
at 7:20 Jenni Lada said:
Media Molecule!! Alex Evans! Don't fail us! Give us something gooood.
at 7:19 Brian Allen said:
They may get out of this event without mentioning the price.
at 7:19 Jeremy Hill said:
This is the kind of facial clarity the PS4 can deliver.
at 7:18 Jeremy Hill said:
at 7:18 Jenni Lada said:
Quantic Dream has developed a new engine to work on the PS4. It uses CG-film tech in games.
at 7:18 Jenni Lada said:
You know, no disrespect to Mr. Cage, but I'd really rather see more actual games or get a launch date/price. Thanks!
at 7:16 Jenni Lada said:
at 7:15 Jeremy Hill said:
at 7:15 Jenni Lada said:
David Cage from Quantic Dream is coming on stage. "JAYSUUUUN!"
at 7:14 Jenni Lada said:
at 7:14 Jeremy Hill said:
at 7:13 Jeremy Hill said:
at 7:13 Jenni Lada said:
And now we get to see the first The Witness trailer.
at 7:12 Jeremy Hill said:
at 7:12 Jenni Lada said:
The Witness is a puzzle game with no filler that will be compact, but extensive.
at 7:11 Brian Allen said:
The Witness may be a great game, but they shouldn't have made it follow an Infamous sequel.
at 7:10 Jenni Lada said:
The Witness will have concentrated "Ah ha moments" in an open world.
at 7:10 Jeremy Hill said:
at 7:09 Jenni Lada said:
Self-publishing will continue for indie devs! Braid creator Jonathan Blow and his team are making a PS4 exclusive called The Witness.
at 7:08 Brian Allen said:
Maybe they're considering Cole as the "First Son."
at 7:07 Jenni Lada said:
inFamous: Second Son. Cole had a son?!
at 7:06 Jenni Lada said:
You know, I bet this trailer right here would look really awesome if the video feed wasn't so choppy on my end.
at 7:06 Brian Allen said:
Yeah, not a lot of video game presentations start with "I've been tear gassed before."
at 7:06 Brian Allen said:
They had me at Sucker Punch.
at 7:05 Jenni Lada said:
Nate Fox and Sucker Punch are working on a PS4 game involving super powers!
at 7:05 Jeremy Hill said:
Kinda freaking me out.
at 7:04 Jenni Lada said:
4.2 million security cameras are around Great Britain. 1.3 million cell phone records seized in North America. - I guess this is going to be a conspiracy game next.
at 7:04 Brian Allen said:
Is this Watch Dogs?
at 7:03 Brian Allen said:
Yeah, those looked like real cars. I'm horrible at racing games, but that looks fun.
at 7:02 Jenni Lada said:
Now we get to watch a Drive Club race.
at 7:01 Jeremy Hill said:
at 7:01 Jenni Lada said:
.... This is all well and good, but I'm gonna be upset if I don't get a RPG announcement. I want a RPG for my PS4.
at 7:00 Jeremy Hill said:
These cars look gorgeous.
at 6:59 Brian Allen said:
Touting the social features of racing title Driveclub. They really want me to interact with other people this console generation.
at 6:59 Jenni Lada said:
Drive Club apps on phones and tablets. Also, you'll be rewarded for playing with others.
at 6:58 Jeremy Hill said:
at 6:58 Jenni Lada said:
Evolution Studios is making Drive Club - a team based racing game. They always wanted to make this game and trademarked the name 9 years ago.
at 6:57 Jenni Lada said:
Woo! That hatch is sexy! XD
at 6:56 Jeremy Hill said:
at 6:54 Jenni Lada said:
Can I count this for the Killzone 4 square? Please? It's close enough....
at 6:54 Jeremy Hill said:
at 6:53 Jenni Lada said:
Looking better than Aliens: Colonial Marines? Looking better than Aliens: Colonial Marines.
at 6:52 Jeremy Hill said:
I'm not seeing anything particularly mind blowing about the visuals.
at 6:52 Brian Allen said:
No one can say the Helghast don't know how to make an entrance.
at 6:51 Jeremy Hill said:
Now the killing begins.
at 6:51 Jenni Lada said:
That's more like it.
at 6:50 Jenni Lada said:
Killzone: Shadowfall looks very realistic. And unnaturally calm atm
at 6:50 Jeremy Hill said:
So far it's just a first-person walkthrough of a place on Vecta. Lots of blue.
at 6:49 Jeremy Hill said:
Looks like we're on Vecta this time.
at 6:48 Jeremy Hill said:
at 6:48 Jenni Lada said:
Killzone Shadowfall will be on PS4
at 6:48 Jenni Lada said:
Killzone 4! Killzone 4! Give us a BINGO!
at 6:47 Jeremy Hill said:
at 6:47 Jenni Lada said:
Guerrilla Games is gonna announce a new game!
at 6:47 Brian Allen said:
I want a Killzone/Resistance crossover game. Yes, I read too many comic books.
at 6:46 Jeremy Hill said:
at 6:46 Jenni Lada said:
Michael Denny from Worldwide Studios is on stage
at 6:45 Brian Allen said:
Please tell me the share button does something other than just "share." I don't want to be social all the time.
at 6:44 Jenni Lada said:
If we get a Killzone 4 announcement, we get a Bingo!
at 6:44 Jeremy Hill said:
Another look at the PS4 controller.
at 6:44 Jenni Lada said:
Seamless? Seamless. Seamless seamless!
at 6:43 Jenni Lada said:
I'm counting "remote play" for Vita for the "Vita can be used as a PS4 controller" spot on our bingo card. Same difference!
at 6:43 Brian Allen said:
So true, Jenni.
at 6:43 Jeremy Hill said:
The still haven't actually shown the thing yet.
at 6:42 Jenni Lada said:
My friends would still wanna just come over and play instead. It's so much more satisfying to steal someone's controller away in person
at 6:41 Brian Allen said:
Starting the Kratos chant in 5..4..3
at 6:41 Jenni Lada said:
Now here's a developer montage, where they talk about how much they love the system and Sony.
at 6:40 Brian Allen said:
Hopefully anything I've already purchased from the PlayStation Store is still usable here.  
at 6:40 Jeremy Hill said:
at 6:39 Jenni Lada said:
PS1, PS2, PS3, PS mobile games eventually on every device
at 6:39 Jenni Lada said:
PS3 games ubiquitous on any device!
at 6:38 Brian Allen said:
Has Sony given up on marketing Vita as anything other than an add-on for its home console?
at 6:38 Jeremy Hill said:
at 6:38 Jenni Lada said:
PS4 is the game server, making the Vita the client.
at 6:37 Jenni Lada said:
Goal: EVERY PS4 title playable on the Vita via remote play
at 6:37 Jeremy Hill said:
at 6:37 Jenni Lada said:
Vita, you're suddenly USEFUL!
at 6:36 Jeremy Hill said:
at 6:36 Jenni Lada said:
Vita will remote-play PS4 games
at 6:35 Brian Allen said:
My best friend would never let me finish a game. You suck, move out of the way.
at 6:35 Jenni Lada said:
Multicasting capabilities with uStream
at 6:34 Jeremy Hill said:
AND take over your controller and play for you.
at 6:34 Jenni Lada said:
Wow. If you suck at a game, your friend watching can step in, take over and help you not suck!
at 6:34 Jenni Lada said:
Friends can leave comments on your performance with this streaming tech.
at 6:33 Jeremy Hill said:
uStream? Should have been Twitch.
at 6:33 Brian Allen said:
Here, try this game and see if you like it. First taste is free. Wallet is getting emptier.
at 6:32 Jenni Lada said:
So I guess this is how demos will work on the PS4. Gaikai network will let you actually let you sample it. And share it with Facebook and uStream
at 6:32 Jenni Lada said:
Fastest, most powerful gaming network in the world on PS4
at 6:32 Jenni Lada said:
Gaikai tech will let you try games you see on the PlayStation Store!
at 6:31 Jeremy Hill said:
Sony and Gaikai are creating the "fastest and most powerful gaming network in the world."
at 6:31 Brian Allen said:
Aladdin was so awesome, the movie, the game, the songs.. and Prince Ali is stuck in my head now.
at 6:31 Jeremy Hill said:
at 6:30 Jeremy Hill said:
at 6:30 Jenni Lada said:
Thanks Cerny for reminding me how much I miss Aladdin and Earthworm Jim!
at 6:30 Jenni Lada said:
Oh man, I want a sequel to the good, old, Genesis version of Aladdin. Remember that game?
at 6:29 Jenni Lada said:
Dave Perry, cofounder and CEO of Gaikai is coming on stage.
at 6:29 Jeremy Hill said:
So what we have here are more social features, screenshot and video sharing.
at 6:28 Brian Allen said:
It's going to download a game and then suggest I buy it? PlayStation 4, like an electronic crack dealer..
at 6:28 Jeremy Hill said:
at 6:27 Jeremy Hill said:
You can also watch games being streamed by friends.
at 6:27 Jenni Lada said:
Vita and tablet apps will let you connect with people over the PlayStation Network away from the PS4.
at 6:26 Jenni Lada said:
Friends lists will allow people to have profiles, pictures of themselves and their real names in games with friends.
at 6:26 Jeremy Hill said:
at 6:25 Jeremy Hill said:
at 6:24 Brian Allen said:
Titles playable while downloading! Halle-lujah!
at 6:24 Jenni Lada said:
Cerny thinks loading will be a thing of the past, and people will be able to load one game while playing others. Downloadable games are playable immediately once you purchase. They'll download as you play.
at 6:23 Brian Allen said:
Knack looks interesting. His ability to grow and shrink could lend to excellent puzzling/platforming.
at 6:23 Jenni Lada said:
More keywords: Simple, Immediate, Social, Integrated, Personalized
at 6:22 Jenni Lada said:
Sorry, it's Knack, not Nack.
at 6:21 Jenni Lada said:
Ok, so Cerny's game has us controlling a robot named Nack as he fights goblins and protects humans.
at 6:21 Jeremy Hill said:
at 6:21 Jenni Lada said:
I know that voice! Who was that voice actress? Commander Shepard?
at 6:20 Jenni Lada said:
Cerny is making a game!
at 6:20 Jenni Lada said:
He's going through live demos showing how pretty the PS4 looks and how powerful it is atm. Which is nice and all, but show us REAL games please?
at 6:19 Jenni Lada said:
PS4 has GDDR-5 system memory - usually used for high end graphics card.
at 6:18 Jenni Lada said:
It has an enhanced camera built in that works with a lightbar for motion controls.
at 6:17 Jenni Lada said:
Reduced controller latency, share button, headphone jack, lightbar and enhanced rumble features.
at 6:17 Jeremy Hill said:
at 6:17 Brian Allen said:
Yea! New controller!
at 6:17 Jenni Lada said:
The DualShock 4 DOES have a touch screen!
at 6:16 Jeremy Hill said:
at 6:16 Jenni Lada said:
X86 CPU. PC-GPU graphics processor. 8GB of high speed, unified memory. ... Ok. Yadda yadda yadda. Tell us launch date/price/hard drive size/launch games!
at 6:16 Jeremy Hill said:
PS4 is like a "supercharged" PC.
at 6:15 Jenni Lada said:
Platform by game creators, for game creators.
at 6:15 Jenni Lada said:
Goal 3: Wanted to hear from developers, know what was important to them and make them happy.Goal 3: Wanted to hear from developers, know what was important to them and make them happy.
at 6:14 Jenni Lada said:
Goal 2: Fluidly connect player to large array of experiences.
at 6:14 Jenni Lada said:
Goals for PS4: Nothing comes between platform and joy of playing.
at 6:13 Jeremy Hill said:
Cerny basically said the Cell chip was great, but it got in the way of game creation.
at 6:12 Jeremy Hill said:
at 6:12 Jenni Lada said:
Cerny has been working on it for five years!
at 6:11 Jenni Lada said:
Lead system architect on PS4 is Mark Cerny
at 6:11 Jeremy Hill said:
We're going to see a range of developers come on stage to tell us what the PS4 is capable of.
at 6:11 Jenni Lada said:
PS4 will shift from a box or console to a leading authority on "play."
at 6:10 Jeremy Hill said:
at 6:08 Jenni Lada said:
Accessing content will be easier than ever.
at 6:08 Brian Allen said:
I can't believe they started on time.
at 6:08 Jenni Lada said:
We're looking at the future of "play" today
at 6:06 Jeremy Hill said:
"We'll continue to enhance the Vita's potential."
at 6:06 Jenni Lada said:
They want to expand it and make it useful in the livingroom ...but won't talk about it until later this year.
at 6:06 Jenni Lada said:
Oh, we're starting with the Vita!
at 6:05 Jenni Lada said:
Keyphrase: Phenomenal Game Experiences.
at 6:04 Jenni Lada said:
Talking about hardware, software and network capabilities
at 6:04 Jeremy Hill said:
at 6:03 Jenni Lada said:
Andrew House is taking the stage.
at 6:02 Jenni Lada said:
2 decades of PlayStation Nation!
at 6:02 Jenni Lada said:
I saw Nariko! Heavenly Sword!
at 6:01 Jenni Lada said:
Video montage! We're seeing words like creative, brave and such
at 6:01 Jeremy Hill said:
We're seeing a video of people playing PS games and a montage of Sony gaming goodness from over the years.
at 6:00 Jenni Lada said:
Its starting!
at 5:58 Jenni Lada said:
And we have sound!
at 5:58 Jeremy Hill said:
Got it at the ready.
at 5:57 Jenni Lada said:
Have you got your bingo card Jeremy?
at 5:55 Jeremy Hill said:
Five minutes to go.
at 5:53 Jenni Lada said:
Brian's joining us now for more commentary. What PS4 game are you hoping for?
at 5:52 Jenni Lada said:
We're seeing some soundless visualizations on the official PlayStation Meeting broadcast page. If you're not there, you can see it here
at 5:51 Jenni Lada said:
We're 10 minutes away from the PlayStation Meeting's beginning. That is, if it starts on time at 5pm CST, 6pm PST, 3pm EST
at 5:50 Jenni Lada said:
A technobot is you Jeremy?
at 5:48 technobot said:
And I am still a Technobot.
at 5:48 Jenni Lada said:
A wild technobot has appeared!
at 5:47 Jenni Lada said:
I think we'd have to see a picture of Trico being locked in a cage and shipped to Hades with Kratos as his escort before we'd really believe The Last Guardian is gone.
at 5:46 Jeremy Hill said:
Yeah that's one game we're all expecting. I wonder how long it'll take for people to stop caring about it?
at 5:46 technobot said:
A Good Day to Be Infamous?
at 5:45 Jenni Lada said:
I want The Last Guardian. For realsies.
at 5:44 Jenni Lada said:
I think inFamous 4 should be in4amous. :D
at 5:41 Jeremy Hill said:
As long as they don't call it in3amous.
at 5:40 Jeremy Hill said:
inFamous 3 Jenni. Now with more lightning tech.
at 5:35 Jenni Lada said:
So, what game do you want announced Jeremy?
at 5:33 Jenni Lada said:
Indeed! I have my voucher and am currentl debating a Hearthfire DLC purchase with it.
at 5:32 Jenni Lada said:
I think $399 sounds realistic.
at 5:32 Jeremy Hill said:
While we wait, you should check your PSN messages because Sony has been giving away $10 vouchers. It's not a scam!
at 5:29 Jeremy Hill said:
Let's just hope it's not as heavy as this puppy.
at 5:25 Jeremy Hill said:
If the PS4 is revealed, we're hoping Sony keeps the price to under $400. I think even $450 would be pushing it.  
at 5:23 Jeremy Hill said:
The show should begin in about 30 minutes or so.  

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