Sony details PS4 streaming on the Vita

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ps4 remote play

The PlayStation Vita wasn’t touted as a standalone gaming system at Sony’s PlayStation event. Instead, it was being shown as a companion device for the PlayStation 4. One of the features that will be coming to the Vita is the ability to use Remote Play to stream PS4 games. This is a very exciting feature on the surface, but the technology apparently not reliable enough to be used outdoors.

In Sony’s PS4 press release, the company put an asterisk next to the Vita’s PS4 streaming capability. The footnote at the bottom of the section says,”Depending on network environment or titles, users may not be able to play games outside comfortably.”

We also won’t be able to remotely play any PS4 game on the Vita that requires the use of a peripheral such as the PlayStation 4 Eye camera. Even if a PS4 game doesn’t need a peripheral, we still may not be able to stream any other PS4 game. Sony says it’s a “long-term vision to make most PS4 titles playable on PS Vita.”

The language used to describe Gaikai’s streaming capabilities was also reserved. Sony said it’s a “goal to make free exploration possible for various games.” Other announced features such as instantly streaming a demo from the PlayStation Store is planned for the “future.”

Sony is making sure it’s not making any promises regarding the PS4. A lot of the announced features are visions that may not be available at launch.

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