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humble bundle mojam 2
It’s time to jam. The Humble Bundle Mojam 2 began n February 20, 2013 and will run for 72 hours until February 22, 2013, giving major indie developers a chance to show what they can do in three days. This year Mojang, Grapefrukt, Ludosity, Oxeye, Vlambeer and Wolfire are all making games.

There are no additional bonuses. No Steam keys. All you get are DRM-free downloads of new games made over these three days for your Windows, Mac or Linux PC. Pay whatever you want and you’ll get three games from Mojang and one game from the other five developers. That means eight games will be ready for you to enjoy this weekend. The theme this year seems to be “nuclear”, with the Mojang games being about Endless Nuclear Kittens, a French Nuclear Spaceship and a Nuclear Pizza War. Wolfire is also doing a Nuclear Endless War game. Ludosity and Vlamber are bucking the trend, making Interplanetary Void and Wasteland King games respectively. Oxeye and Grapefrukt haven’t revealed their games themes yet.

The coolest part about The Humble Bundle Mojam 2 are the live-streams. You can actually watch the developers making the three games. Cameras have been set up at all of the developer’s offices and you can either see a feed of their computer screens as they work, or see them gathered around computers, making your games.

If you want to get in on the Humble Bundle Mojam 2, you have until February 22, 2013, so act fast. You can pledge whatever you want, with all the money going to the Block by Block and Electronic Frontier Foundation charities. The only choice this time around is which charity gets your money, though I recommend divying it up so each gets half.

Site [Humble Bundle Mojam 2: The Mojammening]

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