Get all the BioShock Infinite DLC for $19.99

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bioshock infinite dlc season passBioShock Infinite DLC is going to happen. It’s a given for all major PS3 and Xbox 360 releases. The limited edition is even coming with a DLC Upgrade Pack. So the announcement of a $19.99 BioShock Infinite Season Pass is really no big deal. Thanks Irrational, but we pretty much saw this coming. Can we give you the money now, or later? Oh, it’ll be available March 26, 2013, the day BioShock Infinite launches? That’s fine. We’ll wait.

Like all season passes, this one ensures buyers get every bit of BioShock Infinite DLC at a discount. Supposedly the three major expansions will cost $30 if purchased alone. Grabbing them all at once with this pass only costs you $19.99/1,600 Microsoft Points. I’d say you’re pretty much getting three packs for the price of one, but Irrational is packing in an extra bonus for season pass buyers. They get a bonus bit of BioShock Infinite DLC that doesn’t expand the story, but does make Booker DeWitt better.

The extra bonus is the Early Bird Special Pack. It includes extra gear, gold skins for Booker’s machine gun and pistol, as well as damage upgrades for both. Booker will also get Infusion bottles that can increase their Vigor use ability, their health or their shields. It’s non-essential, but could come in handy.

I know it’s probably sad and a sign of the times, but the announcement of season passes for games ceases to surprise me anymore. If it’s a AAA game for the PS3 and Xbox 360, there’s going to be a season pass and you know what? If you really enjoy the game, it’s probably a good investment. Odds are you’ll buy all the DLC anyway. Might as well save yourself some money when you do it. Considering how many gamers are already in love with the idea of BioShock Infinite, it’s a given they’ll want all BioShock Infinite DLC. Just grab the pack and save yourself the $10.

Source [Irrational Games]

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