Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn seeks PS3 beta testers

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Final Fantasy

Square Enix may have not had much to show or say during yesterday’s PlayStation event, but today brings new information about the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The brand new version of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy MMO is now accepting beta applications. PS3 players will be able to try out the game once the game enters the third phase of testing.

So when is the third phase starting? For the answer, we checked out the beta roadmap for FFXIV. The first phase will begin this month and will last for 2-4 weeks followed by a debug period of 1-2 weeks. Phase two will last for 1-3 weeks with a 1-2 week debug period as well. After all that is complete, the PS3 beta will begin for 1-3 weeks. During this time, the non-disclosure agreement will be lifted and the open beta phase will be nearly underway.

Phase 3 of the beta will include over 20 worlds, a minimum level cap of 35 and full character customization options will be open for experimentation.

PS3 players have been waiting a long time to try Final Fantasy XIV. If the PC  version wasn’t so horrendously broken, we would have seen the game on PS3 by now. Now that the development team and the game has been overhauled, maybe there’s still some hope for this MMO.

Source [PlayStation Blog]

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