Interview: Learn more about Time and Eternity straight from NIS America

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time and eternity time & eternity
One of the biggest surprises to come from NIS America’s latest game announcements is Time and Eternity. Yes, amazingly enough, NIS America is handling the highly anticipated RPG Toki to Towa from Imageepoch. It’s pretty unexpected, since Namco Bandai published the game in Japan, but NIS America’s ties with the developer shown through and now it will be bringing this gorgeous PS3 game to North America. GamerTell was able to talk a bit to Phoenix Spaulding, Script Editor for Time and Eternity, about the game.

GamerTell: Are you excited to be working on Time and Eternity? Did you ever expect to be part of the team translating it?

Phoenix Spaulding: When we first saw screenshots and videos of the game, we all thought it looked really cool and unique, and we’re really enjoying the opportunity to work on the game. I can’t say I was “expecting” to work on it, but since it was a title from Imageepoch, I thought there might be a chance, and I definitely had my fingers crossed.

GamerTell: How do Toki and Towa’s personalities differ and how are you localizing it to highlight the difference between the alter egos?

Spaulding: In very basic terms, Toki is a bit more calm and reserved, while Towa is much more bold and outspoken. That being said, they’ve essentially lived the same sheltered high-class life, so they’re very similar in their innocence and curiosity. During the localization, we had considered using one voice actress to perform both roles, since in a certain way it’s the same “person.” But after looking at the actual characters, we decided that using two different actresses would be the best way to highlight their divergent personalities.

GamerTell: There was a Time and Eternity manga in Japan. Will NIS America be translating and releasing some of it perhaps as a perk for fans?

Spaulding: Unfortunately, manga publishing isn’t something we have direct experience with ourselves, so we don’t have anything like that planned at the moment. Of course, if there were an established manga publisher that were interested in releasing it over here, they are certainly more than welcome to pursue that option with the license holders in Japan!

GamerTell: Will the Time and Eternity weekly DLC scenarios be released outside Japan?

Spaulding: While the exact DLC release schedule hasn’t been finalized, we will indeed be releasing a number of the DLC scenarios that were released in Japan.

Keep an eye out for more information on Time and Eternity in Summer 2013 and be ready to help this split-personality princess save her prince and the world through time traveling!

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