Analyzing Fire Emblem: Awakening’s EXPonential Growth

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fire emblem: awakening exponential growth dlc
Good news for people who spent $6 on the Fire Emblem: Awakening The Golden Pack DLC on February 14, 2013. You can now download EXPonential Growth, the second of the three “booster” maps today. The next map in the DLC pack became available after 12pm CST on February 21, 2013. Surprisingly, it isn’t available to everyone to buy on its own. You can only download EXPonential Growth if you went in for the $6 The Golden Pack DLC.

For those who were excited about the Fire Emblem: Awakening EXPonential Growth DLC, I have to admit it’s a bubble-burster of a map. The dialogue and setup is hilarious, as it features an Anna sister with a fake French accent asking Chrom and company to defeat vegetarian Entombed who are eating the vegetable gardens of villagers who made their home in deserted ruins. However, it isn’t always the best means of grinding for experience.

EXPonential Growth features 17 Entombed who shamble towards the bottom of the map over four turns. If they reach the bottom, they disappear. Entombed enemies give more experience than standard enemies, and the ones on this map range from level 1-30. Almost all of them have the Underdog skill, which adds +15 to the hit and avoidance stats if the Entombed’s foe’s level is higher, +20 if the foe is an advanced class. The level 30 Entombeds also know counter. They won’t attack, but will just run towards the bottom of the map.

The thing is, EXPonential Growth is really geared towards grinding during a certain period of time in Fire Emblem: Awakening. It’s really good if you’re starting a repeat playthrough, to get start class characters leveled up and perhaps even using a Second Seal to switch to a different starter class. However, it isn’t worth it for level-grinding past the halfway point. In the end-game, it’s better to use Reeking Box items on high chapter map spaces for a random battle. Some of the higher level SpotPass battles are more effective for experience grinding as well.

That isn’t to say EXPonential Growth isn’t without its uses. I found it’s useful to take a two or three characters who know Galeforce through it for some rather effective grinding. Target the level 30 Entombed and you’ll earn a tidy sum of experience for the unit. Also, it is a handy map if someone decides he or she wants to start a new Fire Emblem: Awakening game on a harder difficulty and level up characters quickly. I could also see it being helpful if you want a good, early map that guarantees a decent amount of experience without requiring Reeking Box expenditures. If you’re planning on playing this game more than once, then it could be quite helpful. Besides, it’s better to grab it in the $6 The Golden Pack DLC to get it, The Golden Gaffe and Infinite Regalia at once than to do something like get The Golden Gaffe and Infinite Regalia separately, paying $2.50 for each. If you’re rather save money though and can be patient, then you can easily rely on SpotPass maps and Reeking Boxes to take care of your characters.

The next Fire Emblem: Awakening The Golden Pack DLC update comes on February 28, 2013. That’s when we’ll get Infinite Regalia. Once it’s available, I’ll be sure to let you know what it’s like.

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  • Dizzylemon

    This DLC is for leveling up the second seal reset to your characters like you said and also helping the lower levels in your group you aren’t using catch up to the regular characters in your party. The other DLC packs are for real grinding.

    • Jenni Lada

      Yup. Though the more I play EXPonential Growth, the more I see it as being really awesome for Galeforce characters. Make sure the map has at least 3 level 30 Entombed on it, have a Galeforce-enabled character in each line and then let that character mop up experience. You can easily earn one level per round for the three participants.

      The SpotPass maps are fantastic for grinding, so long as you go with the maps featuring level 20 advanced class characters.

  • Matt

    I played the map for a couple hours before reading this review:

    Maybe I’m off, but I love it for grinding at any level. I paired up base level 1 classes with a strong character and took them from level 1 to 10 by hammering away on level 1 Entombed without any trouble. Generally I went after level 1 Entombed with weak characters to get them to 10, then 10, 20 and so on.

    For my advanced characters I equipped them with range weaponry and went after the Entombed at level 30. 100 EXP a pop every time.

    In a handful of hours you can max out all your characters before Chapter 8.

    • Jenni Lada

      Oh yes, it is definitely great for that stage in the game.

      But once you’ve used a couple of second seals to go to a character’s second or third advanced class, you start getting less experience from the encounter and it becomes more profitable and faster to go for a high level SpotPass encounter with one or two units.

      For example, my Stahl is at level 18 as a great knight. This map is still great for him. However, for my avatar, who has already gone through the grand master, dark flier and is in the sorcerer class at level 15, a round of EXPonential Growth isn’t really worth it for her.

  • Person

    Play on Lunatic and see how SpotPass works. #1HP