Path of Exile accounts are now locked to a single city

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Grinding Gear Games implemented some strict security measures into Path of Exile today. The new measures were put into place because some accounts were at risk of being hacked as soon as they were created. In an effort to lower the amount of compromised accounts, Path of Exile players are only able to automatically log-in if they launch the game from the same city the account was created.

If log-in attempts are made outside the original city, an email will be sent to the player’s registered account with a special unlock code. The unlock code can be used to redeem the account. All your items and progress won’t be affected if you have to use this method.

Another added form in security disables the use of saved passwords from any IP address other than the original. Grinding Gear Games is considering expanding the authorization criteria to expand to countries and exact IP addresses. Grinding Gear Games is using the city restriction for now because it was the fastest way to protect player accounts.

It’s also important to know that Grinding Gear Games won’t restore items to accounts that are reported as lost. It also gave an explanation for this stance in the Path of Exile forums.

“If we perform restorations then the incentive to report fake compromises is even higher. If users know that other people are having success at duplicating or tradehacking items by claiming they were hacked, then the amount of fake claims would skyrocket. We’re already seeing very suspicious claims and that’s with our existing no-restoration policies.”

“We’re a small company and only have 8 customer support staff at the moment. To handle even 1% of our customer base claiming fraudulent compromises that need to be sufficiently investigated would take hundreds of support staff.”

Path of Exile‘s economy specifically relies on items. Items are used in place of gold, gems or other kinds of traditional currency.

Players are urged to use unique usernames and passwords for Path of Exile. Some accounts are being compromised because credentials that were stolen from other database hacks around the web are being used to access Path of Exile. For the safety of your information and items, use a totally unique login for this game.

Source [Path of Exile]

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