GamerTell Cast for February 22, 2013

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This is a very fun episode of the GamerTell Cast because we’ve combined two of our favorite things – video games and food. As you can see from the image, we spend a fair amount of time talking about Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and those new chicken and waffles potato chips from Lays. One of them we liked, the other not so much. Try to guess which one’s which!

Also making an appearance on today’s show is the Jenni Lada-approved Fire Emblem Awakeningand the Jenni Lada-loathed Aliens: Colonial Marines.  I guess we had a real yin-yang thing going on here.

Rounding out the show is a lot of talk about the PlayStation 4 announcement. Once again, the good and the bad are discussed about Sony’s implementation of Gaikai, the PS4’s sharing features and the games that were shown. It’s a pretty full show. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

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