iPad gaming update for February 25, 2013

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Everyone needs a little adventure in their lives and this week the iPad gaming update has plenty of adventure for everyone. Well, so long as you are into Cthulhu lore. Here’s the adventures you can take this week:

Zulus on the Ramparts! HD is a $7.99 strategy/board game that takes place during the British invasion of Zululand. Spin the wheel of fate, command your armies, and advance your camp in the battle of Rorke’s Drift.

When Cthulhu worshipers try to destroy the world it’s up to the world’s greatest detective to stop them. Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened HD is the $5.99 adventure game that puts you in Sherlock’s shoes as he discovers clues and solves puzzles before it’s too late.

Yet another Cthulhu game this week, Cthulhu Uber Alles is a $1.99 adventure game with multiple endings. Interact with a colorful cast of characters as you go about the adventure in your own way. The choices you make decide which of the 8 endings you reach.

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