Squigly and Big Band will be in Skullgirls if people pay $375,000 (update)

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skullgirls squigly
Squigly was revealed to be the first Skullgirls DLC character when Lab Zero Games was doing its EVO 2013 fundraising to try and make Skullgirls one of the playable games at the competition. People rejoiced, mainly because it meant a new character to play with, but also because she’s adorable. Now it’s been revealed that she’s being held ransom. If people want her, they’ll have to contribute to Lab Zero Games’ crowd-funding project and raise $150,000.

What, you don’t know Squigly? Well, take a look at this EVO 2013 donation drive video in which she was first unveiled.

Honestly, I thought the uncolored segments looked really cool.

The reason for the crowd-funding project is somewhat sad. The developer pretty much has no funding from its publisher. They aren’t getting money to make this right now, so Squigly and other Skullgirl DLC can only come through if people are willing to help contribute. Yes, I did say other DLC characters.

As a crowd-funding project, that means there will be stretch goals. Lab Zero Games wants to have the male DLC character Big Band and a third, unknown character as extra incentives to get people to donate. The primary goal is to finish Squigly, but additional eventual goals are a full storyline for Squigly and a stage, Big Band and his story/stage and a third character, which the contributors would get to choose, and its stage. Contributing $30 to the cause will earn people an invite to the PC version’s beta.

If the project succeeds, then even people who didn’t contribute will win. Squigly will be free DLC for a limited time after her release as a “thank you” for helping Lab Zero Games get her made.

The Indiegogo Skullgirls Squigly crowd-fund will begin February 25, 2013 at 9am PST. I’ll update this story with the link once it’s available and let you know how much Lab Zero Games needs to make both Squigly and Big Band. Update: Indiegogo crowd-funding page is now online. If $375,000 is raised, we get Squigly and Big Band.

Site [SkullHeart] Site [Indiegogo]

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