Meloetta distribution begins March 4, 2013

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meloetta pokemonMeloetta wants to be part of your life. She thinks you need to hear her Relic Song. However, you can’t just do something simple like go online with Pokemon Black and White Version 2 to get her. You have to make a little effort if you want this latest legendary pokemon in your life. Which means you’ll have to actually leave your house with your DS or 3DS and game, head to GameStop and go through the mystery gift process to add her to your party. Make sure you do it between March 4-24, 2013 too. Meloetta’s got important business to take care of and can’t sit around GameStop forever waiting for you.

As far as legendary pokemon go, Meloetta follows the recent trend of not being tied to one form. She starts out in the Aria Forme, which is shown on the left in the picture. That’s her basic normal/psychic look. However, she can also transform to the Pirouette Forme, shown on the right, which makes her the first normal/fighting pokemon.

However, Meloetta can only shift between forms if she knows Relic Song, which means a bit of in-game footwork. Players have to have her with them the next time they visit Castelia City. While there, popping in at Cafe Sonata and listening to the guitarist will teach her that move. Since you’ll probably do that immediately after grabbing this level 50 pokemon, you’ll have to decide if she forgets Close Combat, Round, Psychic or Teeter Dance to learn Relic Song. I’d recommend forgetting Teeter Dance, since all it does is inflict confusion on opponents, as all of Meloetta’s other moves actually inflict damage.

I usually get pretty lazy about collecting legendary pokemon, but I think I’m actually going to go, look silly and grab Meloetta. Part of it is because she’s adorable, but it’s also because I know I’ll get Pokemon X or Y and I’d like to have a few legitimate legendaries to transfer over come October. Yes, that’s my round-about way of admitting that sometimes use an Action Replay DS to get a neat shiny or rare pokemon. I’m a cheating cheater, but I’m a cheating cheater with an awesome pokemon roster!

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  • AJ

    Thank u…someone who finally understands the real meaning of a AR

    • Jenni Lada

      Oh, absolutely. Sometimes, you can’t get to one of these events, but you really want that special event pokemon! There’s nothing wrong with using an Action Replay to make the event item appear in your inventory so you can get a rare pokemon or to add one to your party that you’d normally not be able to get because you didn’t live near a place doing distribution.