How to beat Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’s annoying final boss

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a great game, but I hated fighting the final boss. This guy is designed to absolutely wreck you in a very short period of time. It took me well over 20 tries to defeat this guy. I don’t want you to suffer like I did, so here are some tips to bring the final boss down. Be warned, spoilers follow.

They call him Senator Armstrong for a reason. He possesses incredible strength due to nanomachines that harden this body whenever it’s hit with blunt force. Armstrong cannot be manhandled or pummeled into the ground. The only thing that can hurt him is the high quality HF blade left behind by Sam. However, just because the blade can cut him doesn’t mean he’ll flinch very often.

I used the stick-and-move strategy to defeat Armstrong. Much like the Sundowner fight, getting too close to Armstrong for too long will result in your swift defeat. Try running circles (at a safe distance) around Armstrong and wait for him to attack. When you have an opening, ninja run towards him and get in a few slices. Every now and then, you may stun Armstrong for a second. Use this opportunity to unleash Hell, but don’t get greedy. Also keep an eye out for the red aura that appears around him. This is how he telegraphs attacks. When you see the red, ninja slide away from him. If he starts to glow gold, get away quickly.

One attack you should look out for is the wall of fire Armstrong creates. Sometimes, he’ll create the wall and immediately charge you from behind the flames. If you time your slide just right, you can dodge this attack.

Once you’ve caused enough damage, Armstrong will use another charge attack that you can parry (press the analog stick towards the attack and press the light attack button) into a quick-time event. It may be a little difficult to recognize this attack from others, but it can be distinguished by the slight slow down that occurs right before he connects.

If you can get through the first QTE without taking much damage, you pretty much have the fight in the bag. Armstrong’s attacks don’t really change as his health decreases. He’ll throw boulders at you sometimes, but you only have to manually slice through them in slow motion. Don’t forget to move the camera to get more accurate cuts. These boulders also drop plenty of health.  You could have 5 health packs before the battle is over.

That’s the strategy I used to beat Armstrong prior to the game’s retail release. I’m sure other strategies are out there by now. How did you put Armstrong down? Share you experience and help your fellow gamers out!

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  • Kyle Paulsen

    i am playing this guy on the hardest difficulty and i can only get his health down to 175% and i have tried pretty much everything i need some help

  • Pedro

    Finished the game today. wasted a lot of time on this boss. But… i didnt have any Repair Nano Paste in the start, so you can guess how hard it was for me until i actually managed to enter that small quick time event. Noticed the small slow motion and next retry i went for it.

    It was kinda hard (Normal Dificulty…first run >.> yes i am a newb… ). After Armstrong threw the first big chunk of metal at Raiden and Nanopaste fell around i was like, ZOMG GRAB!.

    I couldnt believe how hard it was for a normal game (( Nowadays normal games dont pose much of a challenge… -.-… well its true!!! )) So i came to check if i had missed any weakpoint or somethin…seems like not!

    Loved the game ^^.

  • Jack The Ripper



    Honestly The game was great but the fact that the ending made me quit for almost a year i degrade the whole game its rediculous to fly through the game and not be able to beat the boss game creators should really stop it makes the story worthless

  • Wolf

    I just beat him and its honestly easier to go toe to toe with him slice him and dice him and counter till hes dead and gone

  • elitegamer

    People like you are the reason why they’re dumbing down our games and taking all the fun and challenge out of them. If you haven’t gotten good enough to beat Armstrong on normal by the time you reached the end of the game, then you just suck.

    • gameboy

      how about you beat the final boss with no med packs elitegamer, Or guess what? He may have a life outside of video games and more in his life than his parents basement with a xbox and a refrigerator full of mountain dew with nothing in his life.

    • Florence

      lol, video game tough guy.

    • Easilyn {Various}

      That had to be a fucking joke.
      There’s a difference between a challenge and bullshit for the sake of bullshit.

      Although If this game had a slightly longer dodge window…

    • Jacky

      From someone who beat bayonetta on it’s hardest levels, I gotta say, even ARMSTRONG is a b**** to beat! Platinum is notorious for making hard games, and metal gear is notorious for being hard. he’s a tough boss. However, I guess since you’re the god of gaming, you would know best, huh?

  • tadada

    I have a high paid job in financial market and I beat Senator ArmWeak without heath packs, un-upgraded HF blade, no health upgrade, no energy updatem, on hard mode, 3 tries. No kidding. loser is gonna lose and hater is gonna hate. That’s the fact.

  • http://google Rahul Tripathi

    how to kill armstrog at last when the blood level reaches of armstrong at 1 or 5%. i cant understand the trick

  • http://google Rahul Tripathi

    Plz reply soon i am wainting with great curocity..

  • http://google Rahul Tripathi

    I play in my pc

  • SolidSnake

    “It took me well over 20 tries to defeat this guy” ?!? Are you joking here?
    Hell, it took me well over 40 tries to convince myself that this is practically impossible and decided to look for some tip.. this is freaking ridiculous, first Monsoon now this moron… I usually like a challenge in games but well.. this is sadistic.. even for a Metal Gear game..

    I play on hard difficulty and have no health packs in the beginning.. playing on PC with a gamepad and yes I know what I have to do at every single one of his attacks.. it’s just that sometimes dodging him simply doesn’t work.. and in just 3-4 of those attacks he kills Raiden..

    Well, I’m pissed off enough to let go for now.. Monsoon already cost me a gamepad so.. I won’t let this guy make me crush my new one to fragments… I’ll try again another time..

  • trill

    vids or gtfo

  • Florence

    I know this is 7 months too late to help, most likely, but the key is to circle around behind him. Once you’re behind him, you can safely use blade mode to hit him in a weak spot to disrupt his healing and briefly stun him, letting you get some good hits in.

  • KnIghT

    Armstrong is not that hard,though…………But i hate to admit that it took me around 5-10 tries (i don’t count , i just cuts through) almost..I used Fly and Slice to beat sundowner and monsoon ((i’ve custom devised a style for my convenience…and its not just going in circles so a bit more efficient))…Hell sundowner was easier than wolf..

    Sam was the hardest of all the bosses,,but i regret it with the story..his intentions were good afterall…..

    But I still am not finished…I can’t seem to put an end to senator..He has 0.01% health,and when jack gets up and is about to get hit, a (Zandastu) screen pops up,,but i cant do anything as it goes away before i can push anything and i tried them all…Can someone give me some pointers plzz……

  • KnIghT

    What i did was dodge to the back and get airborne ,Then 2 hits is all it takes.

  • Rulentlez

    This fight is on normal and I want to destroy my controller. Its so hard. I almost feel like as soon as I get him to 150% he throws the boulders and I can’t cut them so I die. I dunno how to cut them in a straight line. I tried pushing square while in slow motion. Then tried triangle but nothing. I keep losing because of the damn boulders. HELP!