Nexon invests in Human Element developer Robotoki

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Nexon, the developer and publisher responsible for free-to-play online games such as MapleStory, Combat Arms and Vindictus just announced a strategic investment in Robotoki. Robotoki is a new developer headed by former Call of Duty Creative Strategist Robert Bowling.

Nexon didn’t go into detail regarding how much it has invested into Robotoki. The announcement only stated the investment would assist in “developing future games based on Robotoki’s development of multi-screen, cross-platform gameplay.”

The only game Robotoki announced is Human Element. It’s a post apocalyptic survival game in which you decide whether you want to survive alone, with a child or with another partner. The game’s world will change depending on the choices you make. Unfortunately Robotoki hasn’t presented any specific information about how the game plays. When Human Element is released, we’ll be able to play it on consoles, PC and mobile devices.

Robotoki is also making a prequel to Human Element that’s exclusive to Ouya. This version of Human Element will be an episodic experience. Once again, it’s not clear what genre the prequel will fall into. It’ll most likely contain zombies though. We can look forward to playing this game sometime this year.

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