Hanako Games springs The Royal Trap

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the royal trap
Hanako Games has just released The Royal Trap today, completely surprising people. Or maybe it’s just me that’s surprised. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. Hanako Games is an indie developer known for games with strong female protagonists and unconventional stories. The Royal Trap fits that description perfectly.

The Royal Trap is a visual novel starring Madeleine Valois. She’s a royal companion. Her task is to look after one particular prince, acting as pretty much everything for him. Companion suggests she’d just amuse him and keep him company, but it’s more than that. She has to act as a personal advisor, help him choose the most prudent decisions that would benefit his country, protect him from plots and even act as something of a bodyguard and babysitter. It’s an intriguing premise and certainly one I’ve never seen tackled in a game before.

Of course, this is a visual novel so people won’t actually be walking around the in-game world in some kind of glorified escort mission. The Royal Trap involves lots of reading and choosing the most prudent in-game decisions to make sure Madeleine is doing her job. Players choices, naturally, result in different endings.

Here’s a The Royal Trap trailer. It pretty much introduces all the characters Madeleine will interact with as she tries to protect Prince Oscar of Ocendawyr.

It’s a typical visual novel opening. The theme song is pretty catchy and I like the character art. It looks more mature than other games from Hanako Games.

I’m confident in Hanako Games, so I’m going to go ahead and suggest you all download the demo. This is the indie developer that brought us great games like Cute Knight Deluxe, Cute Knight Kingdom, Long Live the Queen, Science Girls and Magical Diary. Still, I know $19.95 can be a lot to invest on a hunch, so let’s do this. You go visit Hanako Games’ site, download the Windows, Mac or Linux demo and give The Royal Trap a chance. You never know, you could end up loving it.

Site [Hanako Games]

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