Pokedex for iOS is on sale

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pokedex for iosCongratulations! The Pokedex for iOS will now not cost you $25.95 if you want the complete app on your phone. The Pokemon Company has decided to be gracious and hold a sale until March 13, 2013 in the hopes a temporary price drop will entice people to open their wallets. It will now cost you only $16.95 to buy a complete pokedex for your iOS device. You save a whole $9.

You’re probably wondering how the Pokedex for iOS gets that expensive in the first place. Well, it’s a $1.99 app to start, though during this sale it is $0.99. That basically gets you the app and the Unova pokedex, which covers pokemon 494 through 647. If you want the rest, you have to make in-app purchases. Normally, the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh pokedexes cost $5.99 each, but during this sale they’re $3.99 each. If you buy everything, it’s as though you get two pokedexes for free.

Or, and this is a really crazy suggestion, you open up your computer, visit, and probably get every pokemon tidbit you needed to know in moments, for free. It’s your call, really. You could go ahead and even visit Bulbapedia, if you’d prefer. Both will provide about the same information without digging into your wallet.

Those who do decide to grab Pokedex for iOS now should be know that it will be asking you for more money in a few months. Pokemon X and Y are coming in October, 2013, and will bring with them more, new pokemon. That means a whole other region and pokedex. Even if you only pay $16.95 for the Pokedex for iOS now, completionists will find that price rising to $22.94 eventually.

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