Japan’s new 3DS colors aren’t that cool

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3ds gloss pink light blue
Wow, those new 3DS colors are underwhelming. It’s like Nintendo’s taking colors we already have and only slightly altering them, in the hopes someone will find them more appealing than those that already exist. That shade of blue especially doesn’t seem all that different than the Aqua Blue 3DS. Of course, that’s just me. Maybe you need a neon blue or bolder pink 3DS in your life that can only play Japanese games. It is possible. If so, then in under a month your dreams will come true. These two new, 3DS variations, called Pink Gloss and Light Blue, will be released March 20, 2013 in Japan.

Aside from the colors, each 3DS is identical to the existing models. The only change is the color. Which means the price, ¥15,000 ($163) will remain the same too. So if you do need an import 3DS for all those lovely games we aren’t getting here, it isn’t like you’ll be paying some premium price for one of these systems.

On the plus side, the new blue and pink 3DS…es do come with larger SD cards. A 3DS usually comes with a 2GB SD card for additional storage and games. These two have 4GB SD cards. It’s a minor improvement, but quite a big one since some 3DS games, like Fire Emblem: Awakening and Animal Crossing: New Leaf cross the 1GB mark if downloaded.

Also, the gloss pink and light blue color schemes are only available for the standard 3DS. Nintendo is not bringing these colors to the 3DS XL. For that, you’ll have to tolerate a more muted pink or traditional blue. Which isn’t bad. I mean, it’s not like the 3DS color matters much. Unless you’re like me, someone who used to try to have all her electronics match because she thought it looked “cool” until her champagne pink Vaio died, she was forced into a plain, black laptop and the coordination plot was ruined.

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