Google experiments with second screen gaming with Chrome Super Sync Sports

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Google revealed a new way to play games on through a web browser while using a smartphone or tablet as the controller. It’s called Chrome Super Sync Sports and it’s very easy to set up. After visiting the Chrome Super Sync Sports website on a computer, users can enable the mobile controls by going to another website through the Chrome web browser on their mobile device. After inputting a special code, complete control of the games is given over to the smartphone or tablet.

The available games take on an Olympic sports theme. You can compete in sprinting, swimming and cycling matches. You can also choose from 50 animated athletes that take on everyday objects such as a cardboard box, a piece of toast, an 8 ball and a cork. The characters move when you make certain repetitive gestures on your mobile device. It’s very simple, but getting the fastest speed possible requires a little practice. If you’re the competitive type, you can try to make it to the top of the game’s global leaderboard.

While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen computers and mobile devices working together in a single game, it is the first time Google has experimented second screen gaming through Chrome. This is is where gaming is headed in the future. It’s only natural for Google to be a part of that future.

Source [Google Chrome Blog]

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