Anomaly 2 is revealed as 11 bit studios’ secret game

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Anomaly 2

The secret game 11 bit studios sold to curious players sight unseen has been revealed to be Anomaly 2. Anomaly 2 is the sequel to Anomaly: Warzone Earth. However, this time it’s taking on the form of a real-time strategy game with tower offense and tower defense elements. Anomaly 2 is expected to release in the second quarter of 2013 for PC, Mac and Linux platforms for $14.99.

The story of Anomaly 2 takes place on an Earth that is now under the control of the alien machines that invaded the planet years before. As the human race faces complete extinction, you take command of Yukon as you lead the charge to rid Earth of the anomaly-turned dominant species.

One of Anomaly 2’s revealed gameplay features are troops that can transform into mechs. The mechs will have different properties. 11 bit studios says there are more than a “million tactical combinations to build your squad.”

The multiplayer mode is tower defense vs. tower offense. One player takes on the role of the machine towers while the other plays as the humans. Those who pre-orded the game will get access to the multiplayer beta in March.

At first glance, Anomaly 2 looks like a true sequel. One of our major gripes about Anomaly Korea were the similarities it shared with Anomaly: Warzone Earth. It seemed more like an expansion than anything. It appears 11 bit was saving the goods for Anomaly 2.

Take a look at the first full trailer below.

Source [11 bit studios]

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