[Video] Is Real Racing 3 a ripoff?

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Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 released earlier this week in North America for Android and iOS. Prior to the game’s release, I was very worried about the kinds of microtransactions EA could implement into this game. Now that the game is out, my fears have been confirmed by many players. No one likes having to wait to repair, upgrade and service cars. Players especially don’t like needing to use premium currency to speed these processes. With this in mind, we took a look at Real Racing 3 to see if the IAPs are a big hindrance to the game, or purely an optional choice.

The video at the bottom of this post goes over the basics of Real Racing 3 including the event types, repair system and control options. When this video was shot, I logged over two hours of gameplay. I never ran into any situation that prevented me from playing for extended periods of time. I was also never tempted to purchase a vehicle in order to progress. I’ve been using the Nissan Silvia since the beginning, and upgraded everything to the second tier. For the most part, my car is advanced enough to earn a trophy in the majority of competitions.

I’m confused by some of the horror stories I’ve read about Real Racing 3. I personally hate pay-to-play business models that are abused by the likes of EA and Glu Mobile, but I can’t relate to the naysayers at this point. I have plenty of R$’s and gold coins in Real Racing 3 without spending a dime. Have I not hit the brick wall yet? Let me know.

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