XSEED hits Google Play with Ark of the Ages

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ark of the ages
Successful companies diversify and that’s exactly what XSEED Games is doing with Ark of the Ages. It’s using this latest, surprise game as a stepping stone. With this release, it’s showing that it’s not content to release games on consoles, handhelds and Steam. It wants to be on your Android smartphone or tablet too and you know what? I think that’s a good thing. The more places XSEED games appear, the more successful the company will be.

Besides, it looks like Ark of the Ages could have potential. It’s an action RPG where exploration offers a third person view, but battles a first person perspective. Characters control a knight dispatched to assist a village that’s been experiencing all kinds of trouble. It turns out a nearby tower, called the Tower of Magic, is somehow responsible. The knight must investigate it, perhaps gaining the Great Mage Sorienz’s power, while also going through 24 dungeons to acquire equipment and items. Naturally, there are also shops where even more equipment can be purchased for the knight.

Ark of the Ages does have a spcial element to it. It uses GREE and the number of friends a person has on there to influence the game. It isn’t that you’ll be playing with other people or hounding them with requests for special items so you can advance. Rather, the number of friends a player has an effect on the knight character. For example, the more friends you have, the more likely the knight will be to perhaps pull off a spcial attack.

Well, I know what GamerTell’s next installment of Android Amusements will be about. I mean, I can’t see a XSEED game and not be tempted to give it a try. I trust that company. The only XSEED game I’ve ever played that was actually bad was Ju-on for the Wii, but I’m willing to give them a pass on that since it fell into the “so bad, it’s funny” category. Besides, Ark of the Ages is only $1.99. It’s not like anyone’s taking a risk on a $60 game here.

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