7 more months until Beyond: Two Souls

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beyond: two souls
Prepare for a long wait, as Sony and Quantic Dream have just announced we won’t be playing Beyond: Two Souls until October 8, 2013. Honestly though, it could have been worse. After I saw it announced during the E3 2012 press conference, I was sure it was at least two years away. So learning we only have to wait seven months until we can see Ellen Page and William Dafoe act (play?) together in Beyond should really come as a relief.

Yes, in case you’re wondering, William Dafoe has been confirmed as a member of the Beyond: Two Souls cast and it sounds like he’ll be one of the main characters. Page is the heroine Jodie, who we follow over 15 years as we try to discover what Aiden, a spirit who’s connected to her, is. Dafoe’s role is Nathan Dawkins. Someone like Jodie naturally draws attention and he’s a government scientist who has been assigned to work with her to find out how she’s bound to Aiden and why she’s able to communicate and interact with this unknown force.

This release date reveal also brought up another interesting tidbit. People can pre-order the standard edition of Beyond: Two Souls and get upgraded to the special edition for a limited time. This promotion is only tied to GameStop at the moment. Which is probably for the best, because GameStop pre-orders also include free DLC that apparently has another event providing more insight into Jodie and Aiden’s story. All together, $59.99 for the game, DLC, a dynamic theme, some avatars, the soundtrack, special making-of videos and a Steelbook box doesn’t sound that bad.

Plus, a Beyond: Two Souls pre-order is a pretty safe investment. This isn’t an Aliens: Colonial Marines situation. Quantic Dreams has proven itself with Omikron, Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain. They’ve always received pretty positive responses to their work. Besides, you could always pre-order now to ensure you get all the bonuses, test the eventual demo and then decide whether to keep the pre-order or cancel based on your experience with the trial.

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