Devil Survivor 2: Break Code 3DS port probably unnecessary, but still good news

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devil survivor 2
When Atlus decided to port Devil Survivor to the 3DS, turning it into Devil Survivor: Overclocked, many wondered if the same would happen to Devil Survivor 2. Wonder no longer. Atlus announced during a Devil Survivor 2 anime screening that Devil Survivor 2: Break Code is coming to Japanese 3DS owners in Summer 2013. If you missed it the first time, you’re probably going to get a second chance. I mean, Atlus brought Devil Survivor, Devil Survivor 2 and Devil Survivor: Overclocked to North America. I doubt it’ll pass on Devil Survivor 2: Break Code.

Which means you should probably have some idea what to expect from Devil Survivor 2. Like the original game, the sequel takes place in modern times when it seems the end is near. Demons are somehow breaking through into our world and strange, huge, unidentified creatures from space are coming to attack innocents. Fortunately, some people have the ability to tame demons and use them to fight. These people are the ones responsible for saving the world and naturally you control a whole party of them. The 3DS version will have more characters than the original. Like Devil Survivor: Overclock, the story will be expanded. Though there isn’t a confirmation yet, the port could also mean voice acting and demons to summon as the 3DS port of Devil Survivor had both.

I’m torn about the Devil Survivor 2 port announcement. On one hand, I’m excited that it’s coming to the 3DS with extra content. On the other, I’d much rather have a new installment on the 3DS rather than another rehash of a game I already own.

Still, I’m definitely buying it though when it comes to North America, and I’m sure I won’t be the only one.

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