Fall in love with RE: Prince of Nigeria (update)

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re: prince of nigeria
I like visual novels with dating sim elements. I hunt them down and snarf them up, especially if they’re free. Which is how I found RE: Prince of Nigeria. As you can probably guess, this is a visual novel dating sim in which the heroine figures the prince of Nigeria scam email is actually from a real Nigerian prince who has decided to romance her. Hilarity ensues.

As I’ve said, RE: Prince of Nigeria begins with the heroine, whom players can name, logging in to check her email and finding a message from a Nigerian prince. She responds back and the dance of love, intrigue and scamming begins. It’s filled with such delightful lines as “…I am greatly touched and intrigued by your most resplendent usage of capital letters.” I’m playing right now and not sure if I should shoot for the good ending or the bad endings. In a game like this, it’s hard to know which one would be better!

RE: Prince of Nigeria is hilarious, fun and if you enjoyed Hatoful Boyfriend, then you have to try it. It is free, doesn’t take very long to play and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux through the official website. It isn’t like it takes a major commitment. Set aside an hour or two and prepare to fall in love with the most charming scammer ever.

You know, I hope Hatoful Boyfriend, PacaPlus and RE: Prince of Nigeria lead to a whole new genre of utterly ridiculous dating simulations. I would to have one or two games like this appear every year. You know, something to laugh at and rave about over Twitter. On the other hand, it’s probably for the best that these don’t appear every day. If you get too much of a wonderful thing like Hatoful Boyfriend, it loses its magic and we definitely don’t want to live like that.

Update: I live-tweeted my RE: Prince of Nigeria experience moments ago. From this tweet on, I’ve shared screenshots and commentary on this silly game.

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