Experiencing that new console moment with the Wii U

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There’s nothing like that new console moment. The second you decide yes, you can afford this system and it is definitely the right time to pick one out. Maybe you’ve saved up credit at a store that buys used games and they finally have a used model of the console you want in stock. Perhaps you received your tax refund. Or it could just be that careful saving over months has finally left you with the lump sum you need to make the major purchase. It’s like being able to buy a new car every two years.

I’m in the midst of that magic moment myself, having just acquired a Wii U. I went into the purchase with my eyes open. I know there aren’t many games available for it at the moment, though the future looks bright. It won’t play my GameCube games, sure, but that’s why I have a Wii. And I’m in no hurry to go transferring my Wii games and data over, as I still intend to use that system. The little problems don’t matter because Wii U and I are on our honeymoon.

I didn’t even mind the two hour firmware update! After the Wii U launch horror stories I’d heard about the supposedly 5GB update taking hours to download and bricking systems, I was prepared for the worst, and actually giddy when it completed in just under two hours. Granted, I wasn’t as pleased when the Nintendo Land update took over 15 minutes to finish, but I think the anticipation heightened the overall experience.

wii u nintendo land
My overwhelming love for Nintendo Land is a perfect example of new console bliss. I’m a fan of mini-game collections, but I typically play one a handful of times for about an hour at a time. Yet somehow, my Wii U love affair has made Nintendo Land more appealing. It could also be that Nintendo Land is also a really awesome mini-game collection, but I don’t think I can judge it after only two hours of play. I’m still experiencing warm fuzzies. Donkey Kong’s Crash Course hasn’t even started frustrating me yet!

Also, Nintendo Land‘s Pikmin Adventure is the best attraction ever, but only if I get to be Captain Olimar. If I don’t get to be Captain Olimar, then you better pick a different attraction because there’s no way I’m playing as a Pikmin, even if the costume is ridiculously adorable. Same thing goes for Animal Crossing: Sweets Day. It’s my Wii U, so I always get to be the guards. If you want to be the guards or Captain Olimar, go buy your own Wii U.

One of the things I love most about Nintendo Land is that it was how I first experienced Miiverse. Monita, who’s monotone voice and pushiness nearly popped my happiness bubble, was the one who got me into it. One of her initial, persistant suggestions was the introduction of Nintendo Network Miis roaming my virtual theme park and that I should visit Miiverse to post and discuss the game.

Miiverse is such a surprisingly awesome social Wii U feature. I can’t get over how much I enjoy reading other people’s comments, viewing their pictures and getting into discussions about games. It’s so refreshing to see Nintendo finally lift the Iron Curtains between console owners, acknowledging the fact that there is an online community. I can’t decide if I like the on-topic discussions or off-topic art galleries more.

wii u tvii
My newfound Wii U pride has led to my taking joy from other, simple things. TVii is one of them. Aside from popping a Blu-ray into the PS3 on the rare occasion I borrow one from the library, I’m mostly content with never using my systems for trival matters like media. Yet, the Wii U has appealing to my laziness and TVii has opened my heart. See, my cable company changed the whole channel grid a few months ago. The TV I have my consoles attached to doesn’t have a separate box, so I don’t have a fancy, on-screen grid. Even though it’s been half a year since the shuffle, I don’t remember any of the channels. I’m okay with anything below 22, because those don’t involve the dreaded “-“, but the second that gets involved, I go blank.

TVii has saved me from that. It doesn’t support every extra media program, but it has my cable provider in its system and works with Amazon Video and that’s enough for me. I don’t really care about the social aspect, as I already am in the habit of running to Twitter to lose my mind any time one of the Animal Planet Too Cute kittens or puppies does something adorable. I am a fan of the general idea though and its presence has only intensified my love affair with my new console.

It’s like right now, I know my new Wii U isn’t in the absolute best position. The only games currently available that I actually want are New Super Mario Bros. U and Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper. As for new games, I’m just excited about Yarn Yoshi, SMT X Fire Emblem, Pikmin 3 and the next Animal Crossing. I’m really just so happy with what I have right now that I don’t care things aren’t perfect. I have a shiny, black Wii U and Gamepad with nary a fingerprint on their surfaces, Nintendo Land still amuses and TVii is my channel-surfing crutch. My new console honeymoon is going perfectly.

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