Skyrim update fixes a lot of bugs, offers Legendary stuff

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Things are finally coming together in the world of Skyrim. PS3 players finally have all of the DLC available to them, and now Bethesda bringing more bug fixes along with a new Legendary mode and Legendary skills in their 1.9 update for Skyrim.

Currently available in beta form on Steam, players can expect several bug fixes for quests, companions, items and skills. The one I’m happy to see is having your companion don better weapons and armor when given to them. My companions would often change the weapon they had, but if I gave them a nice pair of armor they would do nothing with it. This would often time result in them becoming incapacitated, or worse, dead.

The new Legendary skills will allow players to tinker with their level 100 skills. These skills can be reset to 15, effectively removing the level cap and allowing players to continue leveling their skills to their maximum potential.

Bethesda also announced the introduction of a Legendary difficulty mode, which will prove to offer more of a challenge for those players looking for some brutal dungeon crawling.

For those of you with Steam and looking to get in on the beta, simply go to Steam, right click on Skyrim, go to properties and opt in to the beta. Bethesda’s blog will offer you additional instructions on how get on the beta along with the full list of bug fixes for the game.

Console players are going to need to wait until the end of the month to get their hands on the update. As a Xbox 360 player, this going to leave me doing a lot of thumb twiddling in anticipation for this healthy update.

It may be well over a year since Skyrim came out, but at least the game is finally reaching its full potential. But, avoiding games loaded with bugs would be nice in the future, Bethesda.

[Source: Bethesda Blog]

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