Does Temple Run: Oz live up to its namesake?

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Temple Run 2 came out not too long ago, but we’ve already been treated to another game in the franchise. Temple Run: Oz was released this week for iOS and Android. It contains the very familiar gameplay mechanics of Temple Run, but themes it around the upcoming film Oz the Great and Powerful. Disney and Imangi Studios teamed up for a similar venture last year with Temple Run: Brave. So is this $0.99 game worth your time and pocket change? Let’s find out.

Temple Run: Oz was created using the same engine from Temple Run 2. There’s even an optional high definition patch for devices that high screen resolutions. The result is a pleasant visual experience, but it won’t blow you away. Again, if you’ve played Temple Run 2, you know what to expect in terms of graphics.

The gameplay is the same slide, jump, tilt and swipe style as the other Temple Run games. The difference is you’re playing as Oz as he runs from three flying baboons. Oz dashes across the yellow brick road while avoiding carnivorous plants, open pits and dive-bombing baboons. Every now and then, Oz climbs into a hot air balloon for a brief trip through the clouds. The balloon is controlled entirely by tilt controls. These segments are just there for you to scoop up extra coins and enjoy the scenery.

One thing I really like about Temple Run: Oz is entering different worlds. The Dark Forest is one area that you can optionally download. As you make your way there, you run into a cloud-filled portal that’s filled with electricity before coming out the other end. The forest is a lot murkier than the main area of the game. It’s also filled with rocks that constantly come crashing down. More areas are supposed to be added over time, and I am really looking forward to seeing that. This is something I hope is implemented in Temple Run 3 if an update to Temple Run 2 isn’t possible.

So for $0.99, you’re getting a game that’s about as good as Temple Run 2 in every way. It’s good to see Imangi Studios keeping the quality of its most lucrative franchise high.

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