Liberation Maiden freed the 3DS, moves on to iOS (update)

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liberation maiden
SUDA51’s Liberation Maiden made a lot of people happy when it was released on the 3DS eShop. They cherished the opportunity to experience a shooter that almost didn’t make it outside of Japan. It was savored and enjoyed. Now, a whole new audience will get to experience its glory as Liberation Maiden has popped up on iTunes. Surprise!

Liberation Maiden follows Shoko Ozora, the President of New Japan who’s also a mech-piloting high school student. Her father was the previous president, until he was murdered, and she stepped up to continue his legacy. People voted her in, so now she goes through missions, fighting invaders to protect New Japan. This means players get to hop into a mecha and fly around different areas, shooting down opponents within a certain amount of time. I only played it briefly, but it reminded me a lot of the Nintendo classic Star Fox. So if you’ve wanted something like that on your phone or tablet, now you can have it.

Unfortunately, Liberation Maiden also feels a little like a betrayal. This isn’t a straightforward port. It’s an enhanced update of the 3DS game. There are new challenges for people who went with the iOS incarnation, as well as leaderboards. On top of that, Liberation Maiden is cheaper for iOS owners than 3DS owners. The iTunes product listing has it priced at $4.99, where 3DS owners have to pay $7.99 in the eShop.

So far, Liberation Maiden is the first and only Guild01 game to come to iOS devices. I have to say though, if Crimson Shroud makes the jump, then all you iOS owners without a 3DS need to buy it. Liberation Maiden is good, but Crimson Shroud was the best of the three Guild01 games released in North America. It’s just such a cool RPG and I love how it celebrates its tabletop roots.

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