Dead Space series isn’t dead

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dead space 3
Here’s why you have to take all “rumor” and “anonymous source” stories with a grain of salt. That rumor that EA killed the Dead Space series because Dead Space 3 wasn’t performing as well as it would have liked is false. If you read the VideoGamer article and started crying tears over Dead Space 4‘s alleged demise, dry your eyes. EA has come forward to say the series isn’t dead.

The Dead Space rumor was first debunked yesterday, when Peter Moore, Chief Operating Officer at EA, left not one, but two comments on GameIndustry International‘s report on the rumor. In the first comment, he said the story was fabricated and false, and in the second to confirm his identity and state his disappointment with VideoGamer’s original article.

Odds are, the rumor came about due to the closure of Visceral Montreal and some Visceral Games employees being discharged. Visceral developed Dead Space Extraction, Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3. The story VideoGamer put out had said that Visceral was also working on Dead Space 4.

As for VideoGamer, it’s doing damage control. The site’s staff has issued a statement that basically says they checked everything out as best they could before running the story and attempted to verify it with EA before running it. The statement ends in a fairly defensive manner. It sounds almost like VideoGamer is blaming EA for the rumor getting as large as it did by saying it never would have run the story if the publisher had just issued a statement to the site before the rumor ran.

Did any of you believe the Dead Space death rumor? I didn’t. Dead Space may not be one of EA’s biggest sellers, but they’ve been pretty solid. Not to mention the Dead Space 3 reviews weren’t too bad. From what I saw, it was at best above average and at worst adequate. I’m sure we’ll see a Dead Space 4 in two or three years.

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