Loading up in Fire Emblem: Awakening’s Infinite Regalia DLC

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fire emblem awakening infinite regalia
Infinite Regalia, the final DLC map in Fire Emblem: Awakening‘s Golden Pack is finally here and I’d be remiss if I went and covered The Golden Gaffe and EXPonential Growth and didn’t do the same for this. After all, you deserve to know what you’re getting into before you pay either $6 for the Golden Pack bundle or $2.50 for Infinite Regalia. Better to let me go first as the guinea pig, then relay my experiences back to you.

To start, Fire Emblem: Awakening‘s Infinite Regalia is an equipment map. Chrom and his party end up in the ruins of the Deadlords, who guard the legendary weapons stored within their dilapidated home. Of the three Golden Pack maps, Infinite Regalia is the least humorous. Chrom does have a few good lines, especially when he makes the mistake of asking if the fallen, legendary warriors have names and each one has to pipe up and introduce him or herself. Also, the Deadlords insinuate that they’re actually lonely in those ruins and would appreciate being challenged again when the map is completed.

Of the three Golden Pack maps, Infinite Regalia is the most intense. If a player doesn’t have characters who know Locktouch, they’ll be in trouble. Three chests lay at the back of the map, each locked, and each randomly containing one of over 30 legendary weapons. Arrange the units before battle, to make sure each of the three ally groups have one person with Locktouch in it. Also, it’s a map where high level, advanced class characters are needed. There are 36 Deadlords on the field, all equipped with legendary weapons. In addition, there are four thieves, two on the right and left sides of the maps, who will march towards the chests each turn in an attempt to steal what should be your legendary weapons.

In terms of units to send in, I’d say any strong character with Locktouch who can move quickly and know Galeforce will be helpful. The stat totals for Deadlords are between 150-200, so your characters stat totals should be at least 200 if you want to survive. While it would be tempting to use flying units, I’d advise against it, as many of the Deadlord mages are armed with Forseti, Book of Naga and Excalibur magic that will rip through them. Also, archers have Double Bows, Nidhoggs and Yewfelles. A good bet may be cavalry units that can move quickly and have high defense.

While playing through the map, don’t fight Mus. He’s the commander and the battle ends if he’s defeated. I made that mistake during my first Infinite Regalia runthrough and came away with nothing. Only challenge him after raiding the chests, or after defeating the thieves after they’ve gotten the legendary weapons.

In addition to the weapons you may, or may not, acquire in Infinite Regalia, two additional rewards are bestowed upon completing the map. One is the opportunity to recruit Eldigan from the SNES game Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. The other is a Silver Card that takes 50% off the price of all items sold in shops. Just be advised that the Silver Card must be in a character’s inventory to reap the benefits of the discount.

Overall, I’d say Infinite Regalia is worth the investment. As the most challenging of the three Fire Emblem: Awakening Golden Pack maps, however, many players won’t be able to make use of it until the end-game.

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  • Matt

    I struggle a bit with the DLC Fire Emblem, because it almost breaks the game in my opinion. Once you reach the ability to use the Golden Pack, it makes the next dozen or so chapters easy, provided you take the time to grind.

    With this latest map I’m glad to see the level of enemies so high, but like you said, by the time I’m able to complete the map I’ve already finished the game. So finding that sweet spot where this map will be useful might be a challenge.

    *note* I’m playing on Hard. First run through was on Normal and I’m gonna take on Lunatic next.