Developers can now upload their games to Ouya for launch day availability

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OuyaWe are three weeks away from the official launch of Ouya. Those who supported the Kickstarter of this Android-based console will begin receiving their units shortly after they ship on March 28. In an effort to really expand its launch line-up, Ouya is asking developers to submit their games before March 28 in order for them to become available on day one.

Ouya believes it will have enough time to review every game that’s submitted before the deadline. To expedite the process, developers are asked to review Ouya’s content and review guidelines to ensure their game make the cut. Ouya won’t publish any game to its store that promotes hate, real violence, sexually explicit content or anything that infringes on copyrights. Developers also have to properly rate the mature content in their game as either light, moderate or heavy.

Ouya is also making documentaries about developers. After the console has been available for six weeks, the top three games and their developers will be featured in those documentaries. This could result in an influx of sales of both Ouya and its games. This will be especially true if the documentaries are featured by a prominent outlet.

We won’t be able to gauge the success of Ouya for a while. The Kickstarter backers are not a large install base in the grand scheme of things. Once these units hit the Best Buys and Walmarts of the world, we’ll be able to see if this is truly where gaming is headed.

Source [Ouya.TV]

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