Double Fine is developing Dropchord for the Leap Motion controller

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leap motion controller

Double Fine is making a new music game, but it won’t be available for consoles or regular PCs. Instead, Dropchord is only going to be playable on Windows and Mac computers that have access to an upcoming peripheral called the Leap Motion controller. The Leap Motion controller will sell for $79.99 when it’s shipped on May 13. Retail availability begins on May 19 at Best Buy. It’s considered to be one of the most impressive motion control devices around.

The Leap Motion controller doesn’t look like a controller in the traditional sense. It’s more like a small black and grey box that plugs into your computer. This little box can basically replicate touch screen controls. However, the idea is to use natural motions and let the Leap Motion controller perform your actions as opposed to learning specific gestures the controller recognizes.

The Leap Motion controller isn’t just for games even though developers such as Double Fine, Disney Interactive and ZeptoLab will have titles that support the controller. Demos have shown the Leap Motion controller engaging in every day tasks such as web browsing and drawing. These applications can be found in the Airspace app store when the controller launches.

Given its low price point and support for developers, the Leap Motion controller has the potential to be huge. You can try it out yourself at SXSW in Austin, Texas which runs from March 8-17.

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