Civitas wants to be your SimCity alternative

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The launch of SimCity has been a bit of a disaster. The constant server issues, crashes and lost progress has led many gamers to forge or renew their contempt for Electronic Arts. It’s not unnatural to long for the days of old when games weren’t designed with core features that are dependent on servers. If you find yourself in that camp, maybe you’ll appreciate what a small developer in Austin, TX is doing with its game called Civitas.

Civitas is a city-building simulation that’s seeking funding on Kickstarter. $250,000 is required to get Civitas up and running on PC and Mac in November 2013. At this time, over $40,000 has been pledged by 1,338 backers.

One of Civitas‘ biggest selling points is its online and offline capabilities. Unlike SimCity, Civitas can be played offline with no DRM requirement. If you choose to play online, you’ll be able to build regions and trade resources between cities. Other features include the ability to terraform the land, manage public transportation and handle natural disasters. Essentially, it all sounds like SimCity without the online requirement.

The first sample of Civitas will come as a beta that will begin two weeks after the Kickstarter campaign has ended. The beta is dependent upon whether Civitas meets its funding goal.

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