Tropico 4 is 75% off on Steam

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So SimCity has you down huh? Valve feels your pain. That’s why it’s selling another city-building simulation for 75% off. Tropico 4 and its flurry of downloadable content is being sold for $9.99. If you just want the base game, it’ll only set you back $7.49. Best of all, the entire game can be played offline.

Tropico 4 puts you in control of El Presidente, the benevolent or ruthless leader of the nation of Tropico. Your job is to essentially turn a third world country into a global empire. It’s totally up to you to decide what kind of leader you’re going to be. You can run your nation like a military state with little care for the environment, or you can be a leader of the people. You can enact litter mandates, make housing free for all citizens and pay your workers a respectable wage.

Tropico 4 isn’t a graphics intensive game. Many of the game’s settings such as its resolution, shadows, textures and more can be adjusted. A fairly recent laptop should be efficient to run this game. But if you’re on the ropes, there’s also a demo you can download as well.

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