Epic Games rewarding Gears of War community with “Epic Reaper”

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At SXSW this weekend, Epic Games PR Manager Wes Phillips announced a cool way to honor Gears of War community members. Of course, it involves giving them the tools to kill as many players online as possible. Each week, one lucky Gears of War Judgment player will become the Epic Reaper. This multiplayer skin will afford the player talents and abilities far beyond those of normal players. That player gets special Reaper dog-tags for their collection too.

The Epic Reaper is not going to be an easy foe to take down. If you do manage to do so, you’ll earn a special medal and weapon skin commemorating your achievement. Some Epic employees will be sporting the Reaper skin also. You’ll get the same benefits for taking them down. Considering they include the folks who designed the game, you will have earned those rewards if you can kill them.

Epic is taking nominations for people to be the Epic Reaper on its web site or on Twitter using the hashtag #GearsReaper.

Gears of War: Judgment is a prequel to the established Gears trilogy. It predates the events we’ve already played through by 15 years. Kilo Squad, featuring Damon Baird and Augustus Cole, is under court martial.  New multiplayer modes include Overrun, which will have players alternating between playing as COG and Locusts. The COG troops have to defend while the Locusts attack. COG soldiers have classes such as Sniper and Medic now, making teamwork even more important than it was in the previous Horde mode. Locusts unlock more powerful monsters as they progress in the game.

Gears is famous for some pretty awesome ideas to keep multiplayer fresh. My personal favorite is the Cluckshot. It’s a variation of the powerful Boomshot weapon that fires live chickens. You heard me. It is obviously not on PETA’s list of favorite games.

Judgment will be available March 19, 2013.

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