Kairosoft games now on the Amazon App Store

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pocket league story kairosoft
I love Google Play, I do, but I prefer the Amazon App Store. I have tons of credit there and I like getting free games. The one downside was the lack of Kairosoft games. However, that’s now been remedied as most of the Kairosoft game library has just appeared on the site. As an added bonus, Pocket League Story is Amazon’s free app of the day for March 13, 2013.

The full Kairosoft catalog isn’t appearing on Amazon yet. At the moment, there are only 12 games to possibly purchase. Here’s the full list of what’s available.

  • Dungeon Village – $4.99
  • Game Dev Story – $2.50
  • Grand Prix Story – $4.99
  • Hot Springs Story – $4.99
  • Mega Mall Story – $4.99
  • Oh!Edo Towns – $4.99
  • Pocket Academy – $4.99
  • Pocket League Story – $4.99
  • Pocket Stables – $4.99
  • The Sushi Spinnery – $4.99
  • Venture Towns – $4.99
  • World Cruise Story – $4.99

You can get the games in either English or Japanese, though be advised that the Japanese versions do not have an English language option and are typically more expensive. The Amazon App Store prices are the same as the Google Play ones as well.

Also, expect the list of available games to grow. Kairosoft has many more titles available on Google Play that I’m sure will gradually migrate over to Amazon. It seems like the starting batch consists of the most popular titles, as well as the newly released Pocket Stables.

The free app for today, Pocket League Story is a soccer team management simulation. You recruit players, train them and send them out to play in the hopes they’ll become the best players in the league. It’s not one of my favorites, but definitely worth a download and play for free.

If you’re only going to grab one Kairosoft game to celebrate this occasion, I say you go with the classic. Grab Game Dev Story. For $2.50, you can lose at least eight hours of your life without even knowing it.

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