Big Band is in Skullgirls thanks to fans

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big band skullgirlsBig Band is in! Skullgirls fans have pulled together and offered up enough cash to Lab Zero at Indiegogo to fund both Squigly and Big Band DLC. It’s a good day for people who love indie fighters. With over $380,000 put towards the project as of March 14, 2013, it’s easily cleared the $375,000 point that means both characters will get made.

At this rate, $400,000 will easily be reached. You want to root for that, as it means Skullgirls not only gets Big Band, but that he also gets his own story for story mode and a stage. The $400,000 mark also means a Female Announcer Voice Pack add-on will be released for the game.

I’m not optimistic about Skullgirls reaching its $600,000 and $625,000 stretch goals, sadly. I mean, there are only two weeks left to the promotion. People would have to work really hard to get a mystery character added as DLC, or a mystery character and his or her story/stage, by March 28, 2013. It could happen. The success of the Skullgirls crowdfunding project has been inspiring, but I think we should be realistic and accept that we’ll at most reach the $450,000 stretch goal of having a Salty Parasoul Voice Pack add-on made.

Still, Skullgirls fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. Squigly and her stage/story DLC has been funded. So have Republican Double and Robo-Fortune voice packs. Not to mention the first male character, Big Band, is a pretty big deal. Pat yourselfs on the back people. You’ve done a good thing for yourselves and a group of talented developers.

Site [Skullgirls on Indiegogo]

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