Defiance beta access for PS3 and Xbox 360 begins March 22

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Defiance is an upcoming third-person shooter MMO that is going to be released for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on April 2. PC players have been enjoying closed beta access for weeks, but it’s almost time for console gamers to get in on the action. From March 22-24, Defiance will be entering its final beta test before its retail release. During this time, PS3 and Xbox 360 players will be able to play. You’ll get guaranteed beta access if you pre-order the game. General invitations will be sent out next week. Pre-orders will also include an exclusive Dodge Challenger which also happens to be the fastest vehicle in the game.

I’ve been playing Defiance on PC, but can’t say anything about it due to the non-disclosure agreement. However, Twitch TV broadcasters will be able to show off the game before the NDA is from March 15-17. Twitch users can provide Trion Worlds with their email address to get access to the closed testing environment. They still have to wait until March 22 if they want to share their videos outside of Twitch. Those two days of streaming should help you figure out if you want to purchase this game.

Defiance may be an MMO, but it has no subscription. Once you pay $59.99 for the full game, you’ll never have to spend another penny.

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