MLG Pro Circuit Winter Championship Begins Today

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GamerTell is coming to you live from Major League Gaming’s Pro Circuit Winter Championship in Dallas. More than 1,000 players are competing for cash prizes in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, League of Legends and StarCraft II between March 15-17, 2013.

New StarCraft add-on Heart of the Swarm released Tuesday, so this is its first showing in a competitive setting. Somebody’s walking away with a $25,000 first prize, and the first opportunity to see the new tourney landscape. That could prove even more profitable in the long run.

MLG co-founder and CEO Sundance DiGiovanni admitted he is terrible at StarCraft, but loves the new expansion.

“I can still beat my son, and I’m all right with that,” he said.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is giving away $50,000 in prizes, $20,000 for first place. The top eight teams will qualify for the Call of Duty Championship in Hollywood April 5-7. This breaks a long running relationship between MLG and the Halo series. DiGiovanni acknowledged the Warthog in the room at a press event.

“Look at Xbox Live, the numbers are down for Halo 4,” he said. “The decision, when you remove emotion from it, was very easy.”

Halo 4’s troubles combined with a huge eSports push from Call of Duty publisher Activision. It is already the brand of choice for millions of casual gamers. Now it is setting its sights on the pros. DiGiovanni said Activision’s interest and support of eSports made them a logical choice for this Pro Circuit.

“They want Call of Duty to be on par with StarCraft and League of Legends,” he said. He noted there are 30 million people playing CoD. Getting even 10 percent of them to become fans of eSports would be a huge boon for monetizing MLG’s content.

League of Legends will have three separate events this weekend. The North American Summer Promotion Qualifier features the top four North American teams. The first place team gets $20,000 and a spot in May Promotion Tournament. KT Rolster B, Gambit Gaming, Dignitas and Curse are all taking part in an international exhibition with a first place prize of $10,000. All eight teams from North America’s League Championship Series will play three matches this weekend.

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