Turtle Beach Rolls Out New Hardware at MLG Pro Circuit Dallas

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Players aren’t the only ones seeking the spotlight at a Major League Gaming event. Sponsors are always on hand to catch the eyes of pro gamers and spectators.  Nike wants you to know which basketball players use its sneakers, manufacturers of controllers, headsets and energy drinks want you to know which pro gamers support them.

Turtle Beach has been a long-running partner of MLG. This tourney and all other MLG events use the Ear Force Seven console and PC headsets and TM1 tournament mixers It came to Dallas’ Pro Circuit Winter Championship featuring a line of MLG licensed headsets. The Ear Force XP Seven, Ear Force Z Seven and Ear Force PX22 headset are all on sale here. The Z Seven and PX22 are available for purchase for the first time in Dallas. Those who purchase at the MLG event will get commemorative speaker plates from the event. The headsets hit regular retail outlets in April.

“The performance of gaming equipment can be the difference between winning and losing for pros, and working with MLG allows us to test our headsets with the most demanding gamers in the world,” Turtle Beach CEO Juergen Stark said. “Our headsets and TM1 mixer were well received, and we look forward to making them available to every gamer who wants the competitive edge, high quality audio, and versatility our headsets provide, whether during tournament play or while gaming at home.”

The Seven Series feature a removable boom microphone, optional in-line microphone, and lay-flat ear cups.  It has interchangeable connectors so you can bring the pain on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC or Mac. The TM1 is a 6-channel audio mixer that allows communication for up to six players on the same team, or two teams of three players.

This is a high-profile partnership that has paid dividends for both sides. Sponsorship makes high level events like the Pro Circuit possible. Pro gamers and their fanbases aren’t shy about giving feedback. Seriously, check out any gaming-related message board ever.

•               XP SEVEN for console gamers (also works with PC and Mac®) – MSRP $279.95

•               Z SEVEN for PC and Mac® gamers – MSRP $249.95

•               PX22 Universal Headset for console, PC and Mac® gamers – MSRP $79.95

•               TM1 6-Channel Tournament and Broadcast Mixer – MSRP $249.95

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